10th Grade Information


Attention tenth grade students and parents!

Your counselors recently conducted a virtual lesson on graduation requirements, transcripts, Hope reports, Dual Enrollment, and the tools available on Naviance. This lesson is required under the state Bridge Bill, which spells out that students should participate in yearly planning that will help them to prepare for college, employment, the military, or other activities after high school.

If your tenth grader was unable to attend the lesson, please have him/her do the following:

  1. Watch the tenth grade lesson posted below.
  2. Complete the Dual Enrollment Survey and Career Interest Profiler in Naviance. Directions for completing this exercise are given in the video. Please go to this link for a written version of the instructions.

Please do not hesitate to email your counselor if you have any questions.

Dawn Neely (Students whose last names begin with the letters A-D) – dawn.neely@cobbk12.org

Robin Rohrbach (Students whose last names begin with E-K) – robin.rohrbach@cobbk12.org

Kristi Turner (Students whose last names begin with L-Ri) – kristi.turner@cobbk12.org

Haley Welch (Students whose last names begin with L-Ri) – haley.welch@cobbk12.org

Melody McAllister (Students whose last names begin with Ro-Z) – melody.mcallister@cobbk12.org

Thank you!

The Allatoona Counseling Staff