Steps for enrolling a new student:

If your student is new and has never attended a Cobb County school or was a previous student and is returning to the Cobb County School District, please use our secure online registration system at olr.cobbk12.org to register your student and upload all enrollment documents.

If you are registering a current student and are changing to another Cobb school due to an address change, log into your ParentVUE account to update your address and complete the Change Schools process.

New to Cobb 


Use Online Registration at olr.cobbk12.org

Previous Cobb Student Returning to a District School 


Use Online Registration at olr.cobbk12.org

Current Cobb Student Changing Schools with Change of Address


Log into your ParentVUE account to change your address and change to another Cobb school based on your feeder pattern

You will need to have ALL required documents scanned and ready to upload (see list below). Important note: the person that fills out and signs the online documents will become the 'enrolling adult' for your student.

Once you have uploaded all required documents, the counseling clerk will verify the enrollment and THEN a school counselor will contact you to discuss course placement and electives for the 2024-2025 school year. 

CHOOSE ELECTIVES--Using the elective choice information below, students should choose their top 8 electives (4 of them will be listed as alternates); you will be able to discuss these choices with your counselor.

9th Grade Elective Choices, 2024-2025 - 9th Grade Course Catalog

10th-12th Grade Elective Choices, 2024-2025 - 10th - 12th Grade Course Catalog

If you need assistance with the registration process, please email Allyson.Rich@cobbk12.org 

The following documents are required of all students prior to being enrolled in the Cobb County School District and Allatoona High School:

1.    Two Proofs of Residency (must reflect enrolling adult's name and current address):

a.    One MUST be EITHER current (not expired) signed lease OR mortgage document (dated within 1 month)

b.    One MUST be current utility bill (dated within 1 month)

2.    Proof of birth (birth certificate, passport, etc.)

3.    Social Security Card

4.    Certificate of Immunization--Georgia Form 3231

5.    Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental and Nutritional Screening--Georgia Form 3300

6.    Transcript of classes from previous school

7.    Withdrawal Form

8.    Other documents that may be needed: IEP for Special Education services, Custody Documents, Prior Report Card, Discipline Record