Parking Information


Student Parking 2024-2025

Applications for Parking

  1. Student drivers will complete the online Parking Application using their student Office365 account. 
  2. Students will log into the Microsoft form to enter their personal and vehicle information including license plate, VIN, and insurance information.
  3. Completion of application is tied to the student login, and therefore the application can be completed only using the student login. (Be sure driver is logged into the account.)
  4. Students will upload a clear picture of their license and proof of insurance for the vehicle.
  5. Decals are assigned by car.  Students who drive more than one vehicle must complete an application for each vehicle.
  6. After completion of application, students will pay via MyPaymentsPlus (opening July 17)
  7. Decals will be delivered to students the first week of school.

Updates for 2024-2025 Student Parking

  • Parking spaces are not assigned. See Decal Handout for approved student spots.
  • Students may park beside cafeteria or beside stadium.
  • The first row outside cafeteria is reserved for staff.
  • Spaces between the stadium and the gym are reserved for staff.
  • Spaces 224-431 outside cafeteria are used for band practice daily. Students who park within the red rectangular area must move their vehicle by 3:45.
  • See Student Parking 2025 for fees and additional information.


A PDF of this image is available in the Resources section below.


A PDF of this image is available in the Resources section below.