Band Student Adam Baumhoff Named Artist of the Week

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Spotlight Image - Adam Baumhoff Named Artist of the Week

Kamran Padilla

Written by Newspaper Staff Reporter Kamran Padilla

The Artist of the Week is Adam Baumhoff. Mrs. Clark and Mr. Gurnow have a few words for Adam, “Adam is an all-around excellent musician. He especially excels at jazz music. He can always be found playing or listening to a jazz tune! Adam is also a strong leader and our current Band Vice President!” Adam is always at the school for band. He is here for marching band after school, and during school, he is a mentor for younger artists. He is a huge role model for his performance and his character. He performs his heart out every time he picks up an instrument. Some words he has for younger artists are “do not be afraid to take risks, and always play with your heart on your sleeve.” He loves music and band, and he is amazing at it and puts his heart out for it every day whether during school, in class and practice, out on the football field, at competitions, or even on long trips out of state. Keep up with the long and hard work, Adam, and congratulations on getting Artist of the Week.