One Buc Performs at Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park

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SPotlight image - One Buc Performs at Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park


Written by Journalism Staff Reporter Aubrey Voitel

Hello and welcome back to another addition of Fright Fest! However, we will also be peeking at the up and coming Holiday in the Park at Six Flags over Georgia! As you may remember, Fright Fest is an event held at Six Flags during the spooky Halloween season. This event is full of spooky haunted houses and performers known as scarers. Today we will be taking a deep dive into what being a scarer is like. We have a Buc here that happens to be a performer during Fright Fest. Her name is Christy Alsup. Christy mentioned that the process of getting hired was similar to a normal job interview. She said the only difference was that she had to do a little performance for them, which for a job like this, is quite normal. During the actual Fright Fest itself, she played many roles including, a cannibal, a zombie, a serial neighbor, and an alien. To think that this is only her first season doing it, and she had all those roles!

Now, shifting away from the spooky season and into the holiday cheer, we see Holiday in the Park. Holiday in the Park is similar to Fright Fest in the way that everything is decorated, they still have performers, and all kinds of fun activities for all ages. One of the more popular activities for the kids is story time with Mrs. Claus! But of course, there’s fun stuff for all us teens too. If you’re not a fan of the many different rides, then head over to the North Pole where there are tons of games and winter activities! Don’t forget about the fun little shows the elves put on. Those fun little elves love to dance and sing all around the park. So come on down, and visit them at Six Flags this holiday season, and see if you can spot our very own Buc performer Christy Alsup! 

Spotlight image designed by Aubrey Voitel in Canva