Prom 2024 Excitement!

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Written by Journalism Staff Reporter Catherine Golovin

As the school year races towards its grand finale, there’s one night that Allatoona’s upperclassmen have been eagerly anticipating- prom. The theme is Hollywood Glamour, the epitome of sophistication, style, and timeless elegance- perfect for the stunning location it will take place.  

This year’s prom will be held at the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta on March 23rd from 8-11 pm. Fernbank's Great Hall is a grand space that features towering skeletons of dinosaurs, creating a breathtaking and magical atmosphere. The museum is surrounded by 65 acres of beautiful woodlands and provides free parking on site. Tickets went on sale February 1st and will remain on sale through March 15th. There will be no discounted couples' tickets sold, so students must pay for their tickets individually- Buc Pass holders will be charged $60 per ticket, and non Buc Pass holders will be charged $75 per ticket. Those bringing a date from another school are required to fill out a guest approval form (available in the front office or online) and provide a copy of their date’s identification (driver’s license, passport, student ID) within three days of purchasing tickets.  

Any questions can be taken up with Mrs. Haney, available by email, (monica.haney@cobbk12.org) or in room 2220.