Congratulations to Art's Diana Perez on Being Named Artist of the Week!

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Spotlight Image - Congrats to Diana Perez


Written by Journalism Staff Reporter Raquel Newson

The Artist of the Week shines a light on junior Diana Perez, who has been recognized by Allatoona Art Teacher Mrs. Jackson who says, “She always does her work, she is always positive, willing to try new things and gives her best effort. She is also very kind and respectful to her classmates, and of course, very talented.” Diana mentions, “I’ve actually been doing it for a while, ever since I entered high school,” and adds that her favorite medium to work with is pencils. Diana adds that her favorite pieces of art come from a well-known Renaissance artist known as Raphael. Additionally, she adds that she intends on doing art simply as a hobby. Her advice to younger aspiring artists is to “just be creative, keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll get there.” Congratulations to Diana Perez on being selected as this week’s Artist of the Week.