For the 2022-2023 school year, the Newspaper/Journalism Application is digital!  If you would like to apply, there are several elements that will need to be completed by Friday, February 11, 2022:

  • Complete the Newspaper/Journalism Application located at this LINK.
  • Ask Mrs. Bennett in the Attendance Office to complete the survey located at this LINK to verify that your attendance meets Newspaper/Journalism expectations (note – ONLY Mrs. Bennett may complete this survey).
  • Have your parent or guardian indicate that they approve of Newspaper/Journalism as one of your classes by filling out the survey located at this LINK.

Please be aware that the first TWO bullet points above are forms that may ONLY be filled out by logging into an Office 365 account first.  You may attempt to fill out Mrs. Bennett’s form for her, but it will be immediately obvious that you have done so.  Do NOT do this – it will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification from consideration for Newspaper/Journalism.