After School Enrichment


Mableton After School Club Info

Jazzy Jaguar Choir

Sponsor(s): Ms. Shultz

Description: Jazzy Jaguar Choir is a group of students that come together after school during the first semester to practice performance singing.  

Objective: The goal is for these students to perform at public events throughout the year.

Grade Level(s): 4-5

Science Olympiad

Sponsor(s): Mr. Showers, Mr. Splawski, Mrs. Bosley, and Ms. Collins

Description: Elementary Science Olympiad

Objective: After school STEAM Enrichment opportunities in a competitive and challenging environment.

Grade Level(s): 3-5

Kindness Club

Sponsor(s): Abidemi Jinadu, Gisela Escobedo, Della Jones, Kimberly Churchill, Daphne Patton, Cassidy Fisher, Jennifer Augustinaitis

Description: Kindness club will have interactive games, that encourage and build kindness among peers. We will also have motivational conversations, which will allow the children to express their emotions and thoughts on what they are being taught.

Objective: Our goal is to educate young children about the importance of being kind and showing compassion

Grade Level(s): 3rd-5th

Safety Patrol

Sponsor(s): Coach Staebler and Coach Kraus

Description:  Safety patrol is an honored position of selected students who set a positive example for their peers.

Objective: The goal is for these students to show their leadership skills by helping keep the hallways quiet and safe during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. 

Grade Level(s): 5

Share Bears Musical

Sponsor(s): Ms. Shultz

Description: A bear-ily good way to learn performance skills using a musical displaying the love of sharing.

Objective: The students worked together after school to rehearse and perform the musical.  

Grade Level(s): K-2


Sponsor(s): Dr. Cabbell, Mr. Quinones, and Mr. Sharp

Description: To be a successful gentleman, there are many social skills that must be taught and practiced from an early age.  With the goal of encouraging our selected group of great young men to continue developing into responsible and respectable gentlemen, GYMS offers the opportunity for these young men to learn, practice, and perfect many of these necessary social skills.

Objective: GYMS seeks to provide young gentlemen the opportunity to learn, practice, and embrace social skills needed for success.

Grade Level(s): 4-5

Spring Musical

Sponsor(s): Ms. Shultz

Description: Students will try out for parts and perform a musical.  They will learn the rehearsal process for a musical and all the components to putting on a performance.  

Objective: The goal is to allow students with performance skills to shine.

Grade Level(s): 3-5

Mableton's Jr First Responder Club

Sponsor(s): Nurse Churchill

Description: Students will learn basic life skills that can be used in the event of an emergency at school or home.

Objective: The goal is to allow students to learn more about how to respond to an emergency.

Grade Level(s): 3-5