Student Parking Info


Attention Students:  Please do not park in the spaces left of the blue and orange lines.

Decals sold between:

January 3rd – February 23rd   $50.00

February 26th – March 29th – $45.00

April 1st – April 30th – $40.00

May 1st – May 22nd – $30.00

Students will need to purchase a parking decal if they are parking on campus. Failure to do so may result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed. Payments for parking decals must be paid on My Payments Plus.  Forms can be found online or in Mrs. Crumley’s office.  After you pay online and return the completed application with your current insurance and driver’s license, you will be issued a parking decal.


  • Students may only purchase seven (7) Dollar-A-Day tickets each semester.
  • Students MUST purchase parking tickets at least one day in advance.
  • Only in cases of an unexpected emergency will parking tickets be sold for that date.


  • Students MUST purchase a Dollar-A-Day Pass in advance of the date he or she drives/parks.
  • Parking pass must place on the driver's side vehicle's dashboard and with the writing face-up.
  • Student Dollar-A-Day parking is located in the student parking lot directly in front of the FTA building on the LEFT side as you enter from Clay Road.

Students must present a current Driver’s license, proof of current insurance, and the vehicle's tag number at the time of purchase.


Only Seven (7) Dollar-A-Day parking passes per student per semester.

Form_JGFF-1-1 Truancy and tardy rule - Parking Privilege .docx

My Payment Plus

Parking-application-students -2023-24.pdf

South Cobb Student Parking Policies-2023-2024.doc