Family Information Guide


The annual Family Information Guide (FIG) must be made available to parents on the first day of school.  The guide satisfies several requirements:

 Parent notification of their rights under federal law (FERPA, PPRA, and Rights under Section 504).

  • Parent notification of compulsory attendance law (whether online or face-to-face, students are still required to attend school).
  • Provides each student/parent a copy of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Parent notification of the Internet Acceptable Use policy which has enhanced meaning since we are opening school virtually.

 Family Information Guide 2021-2022.pdf

Family Information Guide 2021-2022 (Spanish).pdf

 If the parent chooses to “opt out” of student clubs and organizations, they should send an email to tommy.perry@cobbk12.org or elizabeth.hayden@cobbk12.org .