Words of Advice

Spotlight Image - Class of 2022: Words of Advice

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Written by Newspaper Staff Reporter Gabby Penge

As our 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, we asked our current seniors some questions regarding their past four years here at Allatoona High School. One question we asked was, “What is your biggest piece of advice you would give to incoming freshman in order for them to have a successful four years of high school?” Many students responded with pieces of advice such as, “Take the classes you think you'll be successful in because it’s your pace and not anyone else’s.” Many seniors also encouraged incoming freshmen to “believe in yourself” and “not try to be anything different just so you could fit in.” We get that transferring from middle school to high school is a big step, so our seniors want to share some things they wish they knew before going into high school. One student said they wish they knew “the importance of joining clubs and getting involved early in high school.” This student makes a great point because joining clubs opens many opportunities for you that include making friends, helping the community, earning community service hours, and adding them to your future college applications! Another student said they wish they knew “to not always try to be the best because we all walk together in the end.” While you should always put forth your best effort, it is okay to not be the best at every class you take, and we never expect you to be perfect when it comes to grades.  

Now that you know some things to look out for, our seniors want you to know some of their favorite memories they made in high school. Most of our seniors shared the same favorite memory, which was when our football team made it to the State Championship and got the chance to play our rivals, the Harrison Hoyas. Some even said, “The friendships I made and the connections I formed with teachers were my favorite memories as I learned to grow as a person these past four years.” Allatoona becomes a second home to our students, and we cannot wait for the incoming freshmen to experience what it is like to be a part of the Buccaneer family.