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Allatoona High School

Class of 2024

Commencement Information and Schedule of Activities

Commencement:Friday, May 24, 2024, 9:00 AM
Buccaneer Stadium
Allatoona High School

It is important that you and your family review the following information carefully.

Location of Venue

Buccaneer Stadium is located on the campus of Allatoona High School at 3300 Dallas-Acworth Hwy NW, Acworth, Georgia 30101


Senior Clearance

  • All fees for lost or damaged textbooks, media materials, parking, classroom instructional equipment, uniforms, or any other materials owed to the school must be cleared by 9:00 AM Wednesday, May 22. 
  • Payments for financial obligations must be made in cash, cashier’s check, or money order and taken to the appropriate sponsor or bookkeeper, Maria Surrat, in Admin 1 prior to May 22. No personal checks will be accepted.
  • All students must be cleared of fines. Students with outstanding fees will be prohibited from participating in the ceremony.

Final Exams

  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024……Periods 3, 4
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2024………..Periods 1, 2
  • These are regular school days and exams will be given during the regularly scheduled class time. All seniors are expected to follow their teacher’s guidelines for final exams.

Commencement Practices

    • Wednesday, May 22, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, in Allatoona High School auditorium
    • Thursday, May 23, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, in Buccaneer Stadium

Caps and Gowns

  • Herff Jones distributed caps and gowns on February 27 in the cafeteria during all lunches. If you were absent on the pickup day, you may collect your products in Admin 1. 
  • To participate in the ceremony, each student must have a red gown (the newest version), and a matching mortarboard and tassel. These items should have been ordered already.
  • If you have questions concerning the items you have ordered, call Herff Jones directly at (770) 795-1626.
  • Remove your gown from the packaging prior to commencement and hang it up so the wrinkles will fall out. Use a cool iron to press, if necessary. Do not hem your gown.

Commencement Attire

The following dress for graduates is expected for student participation in the ceremony:

  • Gentlemen
    • Black pants, black dress shoes, and black socks (no athletic shoes)
    • White button-up collared dress shirt and a tie
  • Ladies
    • Black shoes of a reasonable height
    • Small jewelry
    • Solid color dress that is shorter than the gown, or dark dress slacks and a solid blouse.
  • No flip-flops, athletic shoes, house shoes, slippers, or spike heels will be permitted.
  • The newest version of caps and gowns must be worn by graduating seniors. 
  • Flowers and large pieces of jewelry are not appropriate with commencement gowns. 
  • Alterations to the mortarboards and gowns will not be permitted. There should be no ornamentation added to the cap and gown other than honor cords and stoles provided by the school.
  • Mortarboards are to be placed on the top of the head so that the mortarboard is flat on top. Bobby pins are suggested to hold the cap in place. Tassels are to be worn on the RIGHT side of the mortarboard during the ceremony. 
  • Only medals and cords awarded by the school will be worn. Honor Societies will give cords and/or stoles directly to students. Cords for honor graduates and community service medals will be given to students on Wednesday, May 22.
  • Seniors who have enlisted in a branch of the United States Armed Forces will be allowed to wear a military sash or button/pin designating the enlisted branch. The sash or button/pin must be provided by the specific branch of service.

Day of Commencement

  • Students must arrive on campus between 7:00 and 7:30 AM.
  • Friday, May 24, 9:00 AM – Buccaneer Stadium at Allatoona High School
  • Students need to arrive at Allatoona High School and park in the student parking lot behind the band tower. You will enter the building by the cafeteria and report to the English hallway to meet your homeroom advisors and prepare for the ceremony.
  • Stadium gates will open at 8:00 AM (60 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony) for guests with disabilities and those that need special assistance. Gates will open at 8:15 AM for general admission. Tickets are required for all, including children and babies.
  • Strollers are discouraged.
  • Balloons and signs are not permitted in the venue. 
  • Following the ceremony, graduates will immediately proceed to the front of the school for the cap toss and then to the auxiliary gymnasium to pick up their personal belongings and their diplomas.

Conduct of Graduates and Guests

  • Behavior at the ceremony and practices must be exemplary. Restitution for any damage to the venue or district property will be the responsibility of the graduate or guest who causes said damage.
  • Commencement is an optional, dignified, solemn ceremony designed to honor all graduates in the Class of 2024. No individual has the right to disrupt this event.
  • Any seniors causing a disturbance or in any way conducting themselves inappropriately during the ceremony will be removed and will not receive their diploma on the day of commencement.
  • All policies, rules, and regulations of Cobb County School District and Allatoona High School will be enforced during the rehearsals and ceremony.
  • We ask the cooperation of all who attend commencement to make this a dignified ceremony. Please refrain from inappropriate noise that might detract from the dignity of the ceremony. 
  • All CCSD (Cobb County School District) venues are tobacco free, whether inside or outside. This includes, but is not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, clove cigarettes, and electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Commencement Entry

  • Tickets:
    • All guests attending commencement, including babies and small children, will need a ticket to enter the venue. A photograph of a ticket (including but not limited to images on a cell phone) may not be substituted for a legitimate ticket.
    • Each senior must submit a ticket request for the number of guest tickets that he or she would like to receive. Requests for guest tickets MUST be made online using the Student Portal. The final day to request tickets is February 29.  
    • Requests will be evaluated so that each senior will receive the greatest number of tickets possible; however, seniors may NOT receive all the tickets that they request.
    • Graduates will receive their tickets at the conclusion of practice on May 23.
    • Tickets will not be provided to students who do not participate in the ceremony.
  • Parking:
    • A limited number of accessible parking spaces will be available in the lot adjacent to the gymnasium. Previous notification of accessibility parking is required for all who do not have a parking tag displaying the ADA symbol.
    • Guests may park in the available spaces on either side of the campus. Faculty and staff will be on hand to help assist with parking that morning. 
  • Bag Check:
    • The CCSD Police Department will provide officers for inside and outside security. Bag checks may be conducted by the CCSD Police Department as warranted. Please do not bring any packages that cannot be opened or inspected. Also, please allow extra time for entry as there may be delays.
    • If packages are gift-wrapped, public safety personnel must remove the wrapping paper for inspection.
    • Balloons, posters, selfie sticks, and camera tripods or monopods are not permitted in Buccaneer Stadium. In addition, any object which obscures the view of others or impacts the safety of others is not allowed in the venue. A complete list of prohibited items is available on the district commencement page at www.cobbk12.org/graduation.

Diploma Distribution

  • At the conclusion of the ceremony, graduates will recess out of the stadium and report to the anchor in front of the school for the ceremonial cap toss. At the conclusion of the cap toss, students will report to the auxiliary gymnasium.
  • Students will meet their homeroom advisor or designee in the auxiliary gymnasium to pick up personal belongings as well as their diploma. Students who are not participating in the graduation ceremony will be able to pick up their diploma from the counseling office during counseling hours over the summer. 

Commencement Photos

  • Guests are to remain in their seats throughout the commencement ceremony. Only hand-held cameras that do not block the view of other guests may be used.
  • Guests may not walk into the aisles to take photographs.
  • We have arranged for Cady Studios to take an individual photograph of each graduate. Cady Studios will mail each graduate a proof of this photo and ordering information.

Additional Information

  • Students are identified as honor graduates if they have a minimum, unrounded 3.500 GPA (Grade Point Average).
  • Graduates offered scholarships should bring the scholarship letters to the School Counseling Office as they are received. 
  • To be considered for a community service medal, all hours must be turned in to Mrs. Cook in the front office by Friday, May 3.
  • The School Counseling Office will be closed Monday, May 20, and Tuesday, May 21, so counselors can verify the graduation status for all seniors. One of the counselors will contact you if there are any problems with your grades.
  • Final report cards will be available in StudentVUE by Tuesday, May 21. You will need to request a final transcript for your college. Final transcripts are NOT mailed automatically - you must request that one be sent. This may be done any time between May 1 through May 13. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact: 

Congratulations and enjoy the remainder of your senior year!


Class of 2024


February 29Last day to request commencement tickets (directions on website)Request tickets via Cobb Student Portal. Once tickets are allocated, graduates and parents or guardians will be notified the number of tickets granted via the Student Portal.
March 19Buc Pass Holders Senior Movie Morning at NCGSenior Buc Pass holders will ride the bus to NCG to view a movie.
March 23PromFernbank Museum: 
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
April 22 - 26Senior Dress Up WeekDetails TBA
May 3

Community Service Forms Due  

Turn in to Mrs. Cook in the Front Office

Community Service hours are NOT required to graduate. Those who participated in community service related to Allatoona or one of our feeder schools are eligible for a medal. Forms should have already been filled out and signed prior to turning in.

150 Hrs.=Gold 

100 Hrs.=Silver 

50 Hrs.=Bronze

May 3College acceptance letters and scholarship award letters dueTurn in a copy to the counseling office prior to this date.
May 10

Senior Letters Due - info on senior letters HERE

Via mail or dropped off with Ms. Ridenour in the Counseling Suite

Students will receive their letters at Starlight Senior Night event on May 15.
May 10

Yearbook Distribution (all grades)

Details TBA
May 14

Senior Exams

1st -2nd block review

3rd -4th block exams

They are expected to follow the regular bell schedule and take finals in 3rd and 4th block classes. 

This is a full school day! 

May 15

Senior Exams

1st – 2nd block exams

Mandatory Senior meeting in auditorium immediately following 2nd block. (Checkout list with outstanding items shared)

No 3rd and 4th block this day. ½ day only

Students are expected to leave campus immediately following the Senior meeting.

May 15

Starlight Senior Night on the Green

Buccaneer Stadium

This event is ONLY for AHS seniors! -Buc Pass free. Everyone else $25

May 19th at 3:00 PMBaccalaureate-hosted by Allatoona PTSA

Cedarcrest Church

Not mandatory

Seniors should arrive no later than 2:15 PM and wear graduation caps and gowns


Last Week of School ~ May 20th - 22nd ~ Half-Day Schedule for Underclassmen
May 17 - 23Senior Walks @ Elementary and Middle Schools 
Note - The elementary schools chose the dates and times, not Allatoona
Bullard ES - May 17th at 9:00 AM
Ford ES - May 17th at 1:15 PM - RSVP
Frey ES - May 17th at 8:30 AM
Lewis ES - May 17th at 1:15 PM
Pickett's Mill ES - May 17th at 8:00 AM - RSVP
McClure MS - May 17th at 10:00 AM
See Senior Walks 2024 Page for more details as they become available
May 22Mandatory Senior Check-out and 
Mandatory graduation practice
9:00 am as you enter stadium. All senior fines, fees, and required documents must be resolved by this date. Checkout must occur for students to receive graduation tickets, cords, etc. Park behind home stands at stadium.
May 23Mandatory Graduation PracticeStadium; 9:00 am; park behind home stands at stadium.
May 24


Students arrive 7:00 - 7:30 am. Must be in proper graduation attire to participate. Students who are late will not be allowed to walk.

For additional information and updates, please check our commencement link on the school web site: https://www.cobbk12.org/allatoona/page/578/graduation