Congratulations to Orchestra's Jenna Nation on Being Named Artist of the Week!

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Spotlight - Congrats to Orchestra's Jenna Nation on Being Named Artist of the Week


Written by Journalism Staff Reporter Raquel Newson

The artist of the week takes a spotlight on senior Jenna Nation. Jenna was awarded this week by Allatoona’s very own orchestra teacher, Mr. Palmer, who stated that, “Jenna is a senior Cellist, and she is extremely creative, has a wonderful approach to play the Cello, and is a fantastic reader”. Jenna is a celloist of seven years and says that “I think it started out as a hobby, but then I started, and I met all of my friends in the orchestra program in middle school, then it turned into a passion.” Jenna not only plays the cello, but she also plays the guitar which she described as “not being very good at it,” but nonetheless can be described as a gifted musician.  Her advice to younger musicians is, “I think the most important thing is sticking with it because even if you get burned out it doesn’t matter because it’ll pay off in the end and consistency.” Congratulations to Jenna Nation for being selected as Artist of the Week! Allatoona sees and recognizes the amazing work you put into your passion for Orchestra.