Allatoona's Boys' Volleyball Team are State Champions, Again!

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Spotlight Image - Boys Vollebyball State Champions Again

Our Boys' Volleyball Team started this new journey three years ago.

Year 1 - We were newbies trying to find ourselves. We did great by winning most of our games and placed second in state.

Year 2 - We were determined to make it to first place, and that’s what we did. We put in the work and claimed that first place title of state champions. We were so excited to reach our goal!! Did I mention we got “Championship Rings”? But nothing prepared us for year 3 as we gave it everything we had to reclaim that title.

Year 3 – This year, every team was out to beat Allatoona. Needless to say, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and keeping hope alive. On that Saturday morning of the championship tournament, the first game started at 8 am. Over 34 teams were present, some from hours away, to claim that one title. Each team started with high hopes and the mindset to perform to their highest level and win it all and claim the title “State Champions”. Each team put their best foot forward and played hard. There was no room for mistakes. You could feel the stares and tension build up as Allatoona won each match. You could see the crowd of the opposing teams grow as we moved up the bracket to the top. Finally, it was time for the last game of the day - Allatoona vs Loganville. Let me mention, Loganville is a great team and provided us with a good challenge on the court. They were not an easy win. The excitement for this game filled the complex and cheering from each side to win. We saw some Allatoona teachers in the crowd rooting for the home team - this boosted the boy’s determination to win even more! Allatoona used every skill they had to defeat their opponent to win both sets, catapulting us to #1 in the state. This year, we were undefeated and reclaimed that title of “State Champions”, again!! Big shout out to Coaches Amie and Tommy Roper for their devotion to making sure that every player had the support they needed to improve their skills. Thanks to Ms. Hollis for sponsoring the boys for three years. The boys worked hard and reaped the reward! Congratulations to Allatoona’s Boys’ Volleyball Team 2024 State Champions.

  • Erik Kaminski
  • Darrius Henderson
  • AJ Spitler
  • Aidan McGregor
  • Rayden Powell
  • Dallin Laubert
  • Ty Weaver
  • Owen Turner
  • Aiden Roper
  • Steele Robinson
  • Frankie Penaloza