The Inside Scoop: Parenting Students in the Social Media Age


Social media can impact many areas of child development in many different ways. On today's podcast, Barbara Truluck, Cobb's Middle School Counseling Consultant, discusses child safety and mental health and offers numerous insights and strategies for parents to navigate the complex terrain of electronic communication.

Ms. Truluck acknowledges the potential benefits of social media on learning and socialization but is quick to highlight its hazards—particularly on young, developing minds. The conversation covers a range of topics, including parental control apps, the importance of family contracts for social media use, and the need for open communication between parents and children.

Other key points include:

• The prevalence of social media addiction and its adverse effects.
• Cyberbullying, gaming, and exposure to inappropriate content.
• Strategies for monitoring and regulating social media usage.
• Modeling healthy technology habits in the household.
• Challenges parents may face with this rapidly evolving technology.

Although the tools and apps may change, the emphasis should always be on proactive involvement. Concerned parents should foster open communication while implementing practical measures to ensure their child's safety and well-being in our ever-changing digital age.

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