GA%20Crisis%20%20Access%20Line.gifA crisis has no schedule.  Georgia Crisis & Access Line:  1-800-715-4225.  GeorgiaCollaborative.com.  Help is available 24/7 for problems with developmental disabilities, mental health, drugs, or alcohol.  Service provided through the Georgia Collaborative ASO.

Students who are experiencing any social or emotional problems can come to the Counseling Office to receive help from the counselors. We can help with any issues with your parents, friends, teachers, or others.  You may make an appointment by clicking here. If it is an emergency, please come directly to the office.  

safe%20schools%20hotline.PNGSafe schools hotline (Anonymous and confidential)  Report drugs, weapons, bullying, threats, or other safety issues.  Toll Free: 1-877-SAY-STOP.  24 hours a day. 7 days a week.  Safe Schools Alert Tipline.  Call or Text: 470.689.0298.  District Code:  1760.Suicide%20and%20crisis%20lifeline.PNG988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.  24/7 Call, Text, or Chat.  

Confidentiality.    For the most part, what a student shares with their counselor, stays with their counselor.  Exceptions include:  Harm to yourself | Harm to others | Suspicion of abuse or neglect

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