New Student Registration


Enrollment Hours are during school days/hours from 9am - 12pm by appointment only.  Calendar (cobbk12.org) 

  • Online enrollment can be completed via any device with internet access including smart phones, tablets, etc.
  • The enrollment process can take up to one hour so please plan accordingly.
  • Complete STEPS 1-2 to begin the enrollment process, then go to STEP 3 to schedule an appointment.  Someone will contact you to complete STEPS 4-5.

STEP 1: Complete the appropriate online enrollment documents in the portal.  

STEP 2:  Upload the required documents to the Online Registration Portal using the scan option on your phone.  Required document information available at Student Enrollment (cobbk12.org)

STEP 3:  Schedule your Campbell High School Registration Appointment  

  • Book Appointment Here
  • Our Enrollment Clerk, Deundra Askew, will contact you once you have made an appointment.  

STEP 4: Complete any additional forms provided by our Enrollment Clerk to include: Student Residency State, Records Request, etc. prior to your appointment and upload them to the registration portal.

STEP 5: Campbell Registrar, Jana Loftin, will contact you to discuss classes for your child.  It is important to have them with you for the appointment, if possible.  CHS 2023-24 Course Catalog.pdf

Grade Placement is based upon the number of credits at the beginning of the current school year.

  1. Students placed in 10th grade must have earned 5 credits including 1 credit in English, Math, and Science.
  2. Students placed in 11th grade must have earned 10 credits including 2 credits in English, Math, and Science.
  3. Students placed in 12th grade must have earned 16 credits and be on track for graduation.