Absence Notes and other communication with the attendance office


The quickest way to get a note about illness or attendance is to send an email to:


Attendance Office Information

  • Office Hours 8:50-3:45

Absent Notes and Doctor’s Notes

  • All absent notes and doctor’s notes are to be submitted to McClureMSSupport@cobbk12.org within 3 days of absence. Please include the student’s name and ID number on the subject line of the email. 

Early Dismissal

  • If your student needs to be checked out early from school, they will need to bring a note on the day of the early dismissal with the designated time for pick up and the students ID number. The student will bring the note to the Attendance Office that morning to receive an Early Release slip to leave class at the designated time. 
  • The latest time a student can be checked out early is 3:45 PM.

Late arrivals

  • Students that arrive after 9:15 are late and will need to check in at the attendance office to receive a pass to class.