Advanced Content

Students studying in the media center.

McClure offers a variety of advanced content classes at each grade level.  Students qualify for placement into these classes on a combination of performance in current classes and on standardized assessments. The current criteria are listed below.

6th Grade AC Courses
7th Grade AC Courses
8th Grade AC Courses
  • AC English/Language Arts
  • AC Social Studies
  • AC Earth Science
  • Advanced Math 6
  • Math 6/7
  • AC English/Language Arts
  • AC Social Studies
  • AC Life Science
  • Advanced Math 7
  • Math 7/8
  • AC English/Language Arts
  • AC Georgia Studies
  • High School Physical Science
  • Advanced Math 8
  • Algebra I
  • World Languages (Spanish, French, Latin, ASL)
  • Leadership & Law

Students must maintain Continuation Criteria (minimum 80% average) to retain placement in AC classes.

McClure Middle School AC Placement Requirements  for 2023-2024



Questions? Please contact Advanced Learning Lead Teacher, Meredith Hill