About McClure

McClure, home of the Mavericks

McClure Vision:  A school of excellence where all students succeed

McClure Mission: One Team, One Goal: Student Success

Welcome to McClure, home of the Mavericks!

McClure opened in the fall of 2006 serving the students of West Cobb.  The school is named after Ms. Charlotte McClure who was a teacher and counselor in the community for over 40 years. We currently have approximately 1,000 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students and a staff of 110. 

Our Collective Commitments:

  • We provide a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels safe emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  • We make all decisions based on what is best for students.
  • We collaborate for the benefit of all students and staff.
  • We encourage creativity, ingenuity and individuality.
  • We celebrate the achievements of students and staff.

Principals of McClure:

  • 2006- 2012: Ms. Susan Wing
  • 2012-2018: Ms. Kelly Metcalfe
  • 2018-2020: Ms. Dana Carlton
  • 2020-Present: Mr. Cory Stanley

Teacher of the Year/Classified Employee of the Year

Teacher of the Year
Classified Employee of the Year
Debra Carter
2008Kristal GoelzCathy Brown
2009Angie Fenton (also named CCSD TOTY)Mary Goforth/Pam Norton
2010Mary RyanJodie Edwards
2011Scott HausdorfDavid Hugg
2012Scott KayDebra Butler
2013Paul GandolfoCathy Strudthoff
2014Cyndi SallasJulie Carter
2015Erin JezerinacDebra Carter
2016Monique AndrewsSusan Chambless
2017Ryan LimpertDonna Denis
2018Bethany HorsleyGregg Hicks
2019Jeanine FloydGloria Wolf
2020Emily CannonJanice Frost
2021Meredith HillDavid Hugg
2022Meredith HillDavid Hugg
2023Matt VickeryHannah Bacon
2024Julie CarterLong Tran

Navigating Student Pick up

Our parking lot and the car rider line can be a little intimidating at first. Please take a minute to view the video to see the proper procedure for picking up your student at the end of the day.