Clubs & Organizations

Group of McClure students during DARE day.

Various clubs and student organizations are available to students at McClure. Meetings, times, and locations are announced on the morning broadcast, so always listen closely to know when the club meetings will be. Currently, available clubs and organizations are listed below.

School Clubs

Advanced Men's Chorus:

Mission/Purpose: To allow male chorus students to learn and perform an advanced music repertoire.

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Nicholas Johnson

Description of Planned Activities: Members attend a weekly rehearsal to prepare for performances at each concert during the year. There will also be opportunities for performances in the community.  Membership is open to boys in 6th through 8th grade; no audition is necessary.

Advanced Women's Chorus

Mission/Purpose: To allow female chorus students to learn and perform an advanced music repertoire.

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Nicholas Johnson

Description of Planned Activities: Members attend a weekly rehearsal to prepare for performances at each concert during the year. There will also be opportunities for performances in the community. Students in grades 6 through 8th grade may audition for membership.

American Sign Language Club

Mission/Purpose: Students will learn American Sign Language (ASL) and practice communicating with each other.

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer Ackroyd Harper

Description of Planned Activities: The McClure ASL Club will enjoy learning and growing with each other to communicate with others in ASL. Please see Ms. Harper Ackroyd for information on the meeting.

Black History Club & Competition Team 

Mission/Purpose: The Bowl seeks to deepen awareness of the vital role played by African Americans in our country's history.

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Delana Anderson, Ms. Jackie Wilson, & Ms. Angie Bruner

Description of Planned Activities:  The Black History Bowl is a fun, competitive, educational event for middle school students in the Atlanta area. Teams of 4-6 students will compete in multiple rounds of competition in January and February 2024. Teams compete by answering various Black history-related questions in a fast-paced, buzz-in, quiz-style format. The questions include topics ranging from music and entertainment to historically black colleges and universities, political figures, quotes, sports figures, and STEM. 

Chess Club:

Mission/Purpose: Students will play chess and learn from each other.

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer Harper-Ackroyd

Description of Planned Activities: The McClure Chess Club is looking for those interested in playing chess. I hope to receive a grant to purchase Chess sets and some trophies for an end-of-year chess competition.

Cobb Student Leadership Academy (CSLA):

Mission/Purpose: The academy's purpose is to build leadership skills (soft skills), allow students to make effective changes in the school and community, and empower students to empower others by creating a leadership mentor program with feeder schools.

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Kelsey Born

Description of Planned Activities: Do you want to improve your school or learn more about yourself as a leader and student? Join CSLA! We will explore our strengths and weaknesses, work together to solve community problems in our school, and collaborate with other Cobb students to better our communities. If you’re interested, fill out this form.

GAL (Girls Asked to Lead):

Mission/Purpose: This student-led club will consist of projects aimed at valuing self-confidence, providing opportunities to celebrate women in leadership, and garnering more interest in taking advantage of opportunities to display leadership at McClure Middle School. 

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Kristie Gordon

Description of Planned Activities: The group will do empowerment and inclusion activities.

Girls Who Code:

Mission/Purpose: Girls Who Code is an international nonprofit organization that aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science. 

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Stacye Sledge

Description of Planned Activities: The organization was created to show girls that coding is a problem-solving tool that can be used to invent, lead, and explore. The hope is that the students will become proficient enough in coding to compete at the local level.


Mission/Purpose: Our Intramural program allows all students to excel outside the classroom. We promote athletic and academic excellence, sportsmanship, character development, team building, and fitness.  

Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Scott Hausdorf, Ms. Madison Pass, & Ms. Jennifer Smith

Description of Planned Activities: Intramurals allow students to participate in games & activities before school. A  calendar will be posted in the gym lobby. An athletic program for our students designed to promote quality sportsmanship, development on different athletic levels, character development, and decision-making. No dressing out is required. Proper shoes must be worn. Intramurals will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00-8:50 am in the gym & are sponsored by  Mr. Hausdorf and Ms. Smith. Activities will vary depending on the number of students involved and the time of year. To accommodate a more significant number of students, our Intramural program is specialized by grade level. Mondays are for our sixth & seventh graders, Wednesdays are for the seventh & eighth graders, and Thursdays are for eighth graders only. 

-Athletic shoes are required to participate. Crocs and foam runners are NOT athletic shoes. Students  that do not have athletic shoes will be sent to study hall (Theater).

-No food allowed in the locker rooms.

-Due to the choking hazard, gum chewing is not allowed.

Jazz Band:

Mission/Purpose: To provide advanced band students the opportunity to perform more challenging music and to raise their skill levels in a different musical style.

Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Ashleigh Rider & Ms. Sydney Maurice

Description of Planned Activities: Jazz Band plays both old and new! This club meets twice weekly and performs at concerts around Kennesaw and Atlanta. Rehearsals are on Tuesday/Thursday mornings from 8:00-9:00. Every 7th and 8th grade Band student is eligible to play!

Library Learning Commons Ambassadors (LLC Student Crew):

Mission/Purpose: The LLC Ambassadors is a volunteer service group that assists the LLC during morning study hall and homeroom. Applications are accepted through August.

Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Cara Harpin & Ms. Sharon Spurgeon

Description of Planned Activities: The LLC Ambassadors is a volunteer service group that assists the LLC during morning study hall and homeroom. Typical duties and responsibilities include assisting with check-out/check-in, delivering notices and holds to homerooms, preparing displays, helping students on computers, collecting books from the book drops, assisting with Book Fairs, shelving books, and keeping our plants alive. More information will be available on the LLC website.

Maverick Makers:

Mission/Purpose: Maverick Makers is a club for creative students who enjoy crafting, building things, 3D printing, and coding.

Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Cara Harpin

Description of Planned Activities: Are you creative? Do you like to craft or build things? Are you interested in 3D printing or coding? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, you should join the Maverick Makers! Thanks to  TLS, you can still do the activity alone if you can't attend a meeting! We'll have different activities and challenges in modules that we'll work through together and independently. You can do as many or as few activities as you'd like. Announcements regarding materials and supplies will be made in CTLS. Supplies will be available for free. See the LL  website for more information. Optional meetings are held on Monday mornings at 8:15 in the LLC.

McClure Chamber Sound:

Mission/Purpose: To provide advanced orchestra students the opportunity to perform more challenging music and to raise their skill levels.

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Kimberly Alfano

Description of Planned Activities: All 7th—and 8th-grade orchestra students are welcome to audition (audition material is announced in class). Chamber So is an advanced-level orchestra that performs at Winter and Spring concerts and various events in and outside of the school day. We rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday each week.

McClure Drama Company:

Mission/Purpose:  The McClure Drama Company produces a yearly musical, allowing students to expand their singing, acting, and dancing talents. We also provide opportunities for students to work backstage on all aspects of the production, including set design, stage management, costuming, hair & makeup, and promotion.

Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Missy Burchette, Ms. Clare Crowe, Mr. Paul Gandolfo, Ms. Jennifer Heyser, Ms. Kelsey Born, & Mr. Nic Johnson

Description of Planned Activities: McClure Drama Company puts on a fantastic production every year! This after-school opportunity allows students to sing, dance, and act to their heart's content! This year's production will be Legally Blonde, Jr. Auditions will be held in August, and rehearsals will begin in September. There will be four shows in early February. A potential second show (a comedy/mystery play) will be announced later in the year.

Mighty Maverick Stitch Club:

Mission/Purpose: Through crochet and knit projects, we aim to combine skills, friendship, and a passion for crafting.

Faculty Sponsors:  Ms. Apiphany Fleming

Description of Planned Activities:  We meet every Tuesday from 4:30 to 5:30 in the LLC. We will fellowship as we create crafts! If needed, experienced students and the sponsor are willing to teach the basics of crochet and knitting to students new to the crafts. Students will pick a project to work on! Each week, students will work on their W.I.P.S. works in progress. We would like to incorporate a philanthropy project where students make hats or plushies to donate to shelters or the children's hospital in Kennesaw.

Modular Mavericks:

Mission/Purpose: FIRST LEGO League (FLL) helps students gain real-world problem-solving experiences through a guided, global robotics program.

Faculty Sponsors:  Mr. Alex Swan & Ms. Stefanie Myer

Description of Planned Activities: Members will work with their teammates to plan, build, and implement design solutions. Our competition team competes with over 1200 other FLL teams throughout the state.

National Junior Honor Society:

Mission/Purpose: This invitation-only honor society focuses on developing members' character, leadership, citizenship, scholarship, and service. 

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Renate Davis

Description of Planned Activities: Membership comprises students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Invitations are sent to eligible sixth—and seventh-grade students each spring, followed by an induction ceremony. Multiple volunteer opportunities exist in various service areas, including the annual canned food drive. Additional opportunities are being added this year.

National Junior Thespian Society:

Mission/Purpose: The National Junior Thespian Society is an honor organization that recognizes and celebrates the achievements of students involved in the McClure Middle School's theatre program.

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Paul Gandolfo

Description of Planned Activities: The NJTS provides opportunities for young thespians to develop their performance skills, learn about all aspects of theatre production, and engage with a community of peers who share their passion for the performing arts. The society encourages creativity, collaboration, and leadership, fostering a supportive environment where students can grow as performers and individuals. Membership in the National Junior Thespian Society is a mark of distinction and a testament to a student's dedication to theatre. Membership is open to students who have earned five points (fifty hours) of service to the theater community. See our Legally Blonde blog for more information.

News Team:

Mission/Purpose:  The McClure News Team will produce and air the daily announcements via IPTV.  

Faculty Sponsors:  Mr. Paul Gandolfo & Mr. Scott Hausdorf

Description of Planned Activities: News Team members check in with their homeroom each day they are assigned to the TV studio and then report to the LLC. We have students who are on-air announcers and students who work behind the scenes on the technical aspects of broadcast.

Tome Society:

Mission/Purpose: Tome Society is a book club for students who read and discuss great books, create items to enter literacy-based competitions, and participate in virtual and in-person literacy events. 

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Cara Harpin & Ms. Jane Cera

Description of Planned Activities:  The McClure Chapter of the Tome Society will meet monthly to discuss books from the Junior Tome It List.

Student Organizations

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes):

Mission/Purpose: FCA is a student-led, Christian gathering that is open to all students (not just athletic students) and is a place for friends, fun, and faith. Our purpose is to bring students together to pursue the Christian faith and build friendships with each other. 

Faculty Monitor:  Ms. Christy Ussery

Description of Planned Activities: Every week, we play intramural-type games and listen to a Student Pastor from a local church. FCA students participate in service projects to help our community and support McClure students and faculty in need. FCA meets in the gym on Friday mornings from 8:15 to 8:50. During the 20 3 fall semester, FCA will meet every Friday that school is in session from September 15th through December 8th. For the 2024 spring semester, FCA will meet every Friday that school is in session from January 12th through May 3rd.

Gender & Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Mission/Purpose: Formally known as Gay Straight Alliance, GSA is a student-run club for LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities. 

Faculty Monitors: Ms. Kristie Gordon & Ms. Kelsey Born

Description of Planned Activities: The group will meet monthly to explore ways to promote inclusion and tolerance in the McClure community. All students are welcome!