A New School Year: Everything You Need to Know

Back to School

About 108,000 students will walk through the doors of Cobb’s 112 schools on Tuesday, August 1, for the first day of school. If your student is one of them, you will want to know how best to prepare them for back to school. 

STEP 1: Check out the Family Information Guide

Each year, the Cobb County School District (District) provides families with a variety of information regarding specific District policies, rules, and programs. The Family Information Guide (Guide) contains a wealth of information about the District, including the Student Code of Conduct, as well as information about privacy rights, important dates, and more.

STEP 2: Check your bus schedule.

Cobb’s dedicated bus drivers safely transport over 72,000 students to and from school every day. The 870 bus routes include more than 37,000 bus stops. Learn Everything About Buses here, including how to track your bus like an Uber ride, thanks to the Here Comes the Bus App.

STEP 3: What’s for Lunch?

Cobb’s school nutrition team members are preparing to dish out 63,000 lunches and 25,500 breakfasts on the first day of school. Did you know Cobb students consume 587,000 gallons of milk and 400,000 pounds of fresh produce thanks to the school nutrition team? All the pricing and menu options for the new school year are included in the article All About Food and Nutrition.

STEP 4: Get the Inside Scoop

For parents with a new kindergartener, sixth grader, or freshman, you may have a lot of questions about the school transition. The Inside the Scoop podcast has episodes dedicated to each. If you prefer the podcast option, you can get The Inside Scoop on buses and food and nutrition. Watch for episodes throughout the school year. 

The Inside Scoop: Kindergarten Registration Questions and Answers

The Inside Scoop: Georgia’s BEST Proves Cobb’s Commitment to Educators and Students

The Inside Scoop: Rising Sixth Graders and Middle School with Chris Salter

The Inside Scoop: Transitioning to High School with Principal T.J. Perry

The Inside Scoop: Preparing and Planning for Graduation

The Inside Scoop: Transportation, Buses, and Cobb Schools

The Inside Scoop: All About Food in Cobb Schools

The Inside Scoop: Cobb’s Teaching and Learning System (CTLS)

STEP 5: Check out CTLS 

Teachers, schools, and the District all share important information in CTLS throughout the year. Now is the time to make sure you have downloaded the app and any updates and reviewed any notifications your student’s school has already shared. 

STEP 6: Catch up on District News and Information

In case you missed the news over the summer, take a moment to review some of the highlights before the first day of school.

Kindergartners and first graders invited to hop on the bus for a test ride

CTLS and Digital Learning in Cobb Schools

Superintendent Surprises Three Teachers as 2023 District-Level Teachers of the Year

Welcome to the team! About 600 new teachers embark on journey with Cobb Schools

School and District Leaders Gather for 2023-24 Leadership Kickoff

Learn about the District’s 13 new principals, who are stepping up to lead Cobb schools. Find out why they became educators, why they are excited to join their new school communities, and more.

Cobb Schools New Principals 2023-2024

Kahliah Rachel, Austell Elementary School

Dwan Jones, Clarkdale Elementary School

Dr. Ashley Beasley, Davis Elementary School

Bradley Blackman, Dickerson Middle School

Laura Fiedler, Frey Elementary School

Maria Braswell, Green Acres Elementary School

Ashley Mize, King Springs Elementary School

Josh Fowler, Lost Mountain Middle School

Dr. Katie Derman, Mountain View Elementary School

Shayna Clinkscales, Riverside Elementary School

Tiffany Jackson, Sanders Elementary School

William Dryden, Sedalia Park Elementary School

Lindsey McGovern, Shallowford Falls Elementary School

STEP 7: Plan ahead. Check your school’s calendar and the District’s calendar

From asynchronous learning days and school open houses to parent-teacher conferences, fall break, spring break, testing days, and more, there are events and holidays you do not want to miss.

See you Tuesday!