The Inside Scoop: Kindergarten Registration Questions and Answers


Kindergarten can be a time of joy and apprehension for students and parents. Starting school is an indication that the child is getting older and ready to begin classroom learning, but some parents aren't sure what to expect.

If that's you or someone you know, then this episode of The Inside Scoop is just what is needed. David Owen spoke with two guests today, and both are experts in the kindergarten experience and registration process. Terri Stanley is Cobb School's Student Reporting Facilitator, and Beth Glass is a longtime Kindergarten Teacher currently serving at Vaughan Elementary.

Kindergarten is a very important time in the life of a child, and Cobb makes more resources available for families than many other school districts. From easy and intuitive online registration to all-day kindergarten, Cobb has thought of everything to make it simple for parents to get their children in school and keep them informed and involved. A great career in learning for students begins with a great start, and Cobb's kindergarten team is the best at making school fun and engaging for students as well as a happy and fulfilling time for parents.

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