Welcome to the team! About 600 new teachers embark on journey with Cobb Schools

Cobb Schools welcomes new teachers.

Some new teachers who attended the Cobb Schools New Teacher Academy this past week previously worked across the county border in neighboring school districts. For others, Cobb’s reputation as one of the best places to teach, lead, and work traveled a little farther—counties and states away. Many of those veteran educators packed their bags or sold their houses for the opportunity to work in Cobb Schools. Even long commutes did not discourage the educators from signing on with the Cobb Schools team. Some of the new teachers are themselves graduates of Cobb Schools.

The new group of about 600 new Cobb teachers included educators who had left the district, only to learn what gives Cobb the reputation as one of Georgia’s and America’s Best Employers—the District’s focus on employees.

“We value our employees as shown by our Georgia’s BEST program that helps Cobb educators pursue advanced degrees at no tuition cost and our most recent raise of 7.5-12.1%, which follows multiple years of historic raises for District staff. We have to make sure we have the best of the best in the classroom because teaching is why we exist,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. 

In addition to emphasizing the District’s mission of “One Team, One Goal: Student Success,” Superintendent Ragsdale also stressed the importance of safety for students and staff and the benefits of using the District’s revolutionary digital learning environment, the Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS.)

CTLS%20training.jfifDuring Cobb’s four-day New Teacher Academy, the new Cobb educators learned how best to use the CTLS platform. They also learned foundational elements for teaching and learning in Cobb and engaged in content-specific sessions to better prepare for the return of Cobb students on August 1.

When speaking at the New Teacher Academy, Cobb Schools 2022 District Teacher of the Year Jenifer Mitacek stressed the importance of building relationships and rapport with students.

Dr. Catherine Mallanda, Cobb Schools Chief Academic Officer, echoed the Teacher of the Year.

“Take time to get to know the students. They want to know you care,” Dr. Mallanda said.

Cobb Schools Board Chair Brad Wheeler also had a piece of advice for the new Cobb teachers:

“Be that teacher who makes a difference every day and enjoys the challenge. Welcome to the team.”