The Inside Scoop: Georgia's BEST Proves Cobb's Commitment to Educators and Students


You may have heard about Cobb School's recent partnership with the University of West Georgia to help teachers receive an advanced degree for free. What exactly is Georgia's BEST, and how does it work? Who is eligible, and what is required? How do interested teachers apply?

All these questions and many more are answered on today's Inside Scoop with John Floresta, Cobb's Chief Strategy and Accountability Officer. Georgia's BEST—Building Educator Success Together—is an important step forward for education and is a unique program, both statewide and nationally.

Georgia's BEST will help Cobb to recruit and retain teachers while also giving them specific training for particular areas of need and specialties within the District. Teachers will receive an advanced degree—master's and above—from one of the state's recognized leaders in Education. But more importantly, students and families benefit from a more equipped and educated team of professionals in Cobb Schools' classrooms.

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