Back to School: Parking Lot and Carpool Information

Pope Parking Lot and Carpool Information

Safely remains our priority at Pope High School; please watch for pedestrians and students in all crosswalks.  

Be mindful that car rider pickup and drop off is NOT allowed in neighborhoods surrounding Pope or along Hembree Road.  

Carpool Lanes:

Two lanes for traffic:

Use RIGHT Lane for PAC area parking and student drop off 

Use LEFT Lane for main parking 

Campus officer, Officer Pelletier, often directs traffic at the three-way stop, particularly so that the buses can make their way into and out of the bus area. Only staff, school visitors, and buses should enter the bus lanes during the morning carpool times.

Be respectful of our Officer so that he can make high traffic times efficient for everyone.

Morning-RIGHT Lane is for STUDENT DROP OFF

Students can be dropped off at any sidewalk area; no need to wait until you get to the breezeway area, between the two buildings.

Drop off students before the “No Parking or Drop Off” sign near the flagpole and front office.  Dropping off before this sign allows for better traffic flow.  

Morning-LEFT Lane is for MOVING 

Do not drop off students from the LEFT lane. 

Before the pedestrian crosswalk near the flagpole, the two lanes of parking lot traffic merge into one lane; cars should alternate to exit. 

Pedestrian Crosswalk Locations


    South campus sidewalk coming from Dorset

    Top of hill at the Softball Field 

    In the exit lane (near the tennis courts/softball field) 

X-Block Pick Up (or other early release days)

Traffic is unusually heavy, plan accordingly.  Follow all parking lot procedures.  

Our dismissal bell rings at 2:10 pm on X-Block days. Be mindful that car rider pickup and drop off is NOT allowed in neighborhoods surrounding Pope or along Hembree Road.  

Utilize the parking lot rows for waiting, once the RIGHT outside lane is filled.  The LEFT Lane is a moving lane only.      

Car riders and walkers: Students have 5 minutes to exit building and proceed to their personal vehicle, car rider line, or leave campus.  Students remaining on campus for bus pick up or afterschool activities, must be in the cafeteria for study hall by 2:15 pm.  Students may not re-enter the building after 2:15 pm.

Parking Spaces 

Visitor spaces are located the first row in front of the patio.  Visitors must park in visitor spaces only.   

During school hours, all numbered spots are assigned; we have many students and staff who regularly arrive late for various reasons and need to park in their assigned spot when they arrive to campus.

After school hours all open spots are available.

Bus Lanes

All bus lanes are located to the left of the main entrance of the school. Buses will park for afternoon loading as pictured below:

Map of bus lane lineup next to school