AO - Academic Opportunity

Academic Opportunity

Academic Opportunity (AO)

What is AO?

The AO program has been designed to allow students the opportunity to choose a specific session that meets their needs for academic enrichment, remediation, and other academic endeavors. Students must report to their assigned AO and remain in this area for the 35 minute period. Passes WILL NOT be given to go to vending, parking lot, gym, visit another AO to socialize or locker rooms. Students must remain in the AO they are assigned to unless given an approved change.   


Various sessions within the academic as well as elective areas will be offered. A listing with various sessions will be made available to students during the first two weeks of school. Additionally, an Independent Study Hall session will be included for those students currently earning all A’s and B’s and choose not to pick a regular session. If a student in the Independent Study Hall falls below the B mark in any class they will be placed in that AO.   

When will the AO session take place?

AO will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1st and 2nd period (for 35 min). Please see attached bell schedule. 

How do students register for a session?

During the first two weeks of school students will be given the opportunity to choose and register for a session through a link that will be provided. Students will be able to pick up to two sessions and one of them will be ultimately assigned to each student. Students should pick carefully and choose areas where they feel they may need that additional help. Teachers and administrators reserve the right to specifically place students in particular sessions if the need presents itself.

How will students know if they have been academically placed in an AO period or are able to choose an AO class? 

All students will register for their desired AO once registration starts. If they have been identified as needing specific remediation they will be contacted about the change. 

How often will the AO session change for a student? 

Students will be assigned for the semester but depending on individual need throughout the semester a change may be requested. AO Change Request Forms may be obtained and completed in the School Counseling office for students wishing to change their AO session. 

Will a grade be assigned for the AO period? 

No, a grade will not be assigned for the AO session. However, school rules will still apply for attendance and behavior. 

When will AO start?

AO is scheduled to start on Tuesday, August 23. 

Who do I contact if I still have questions about AO? 

If you still have questions about AO, contact Nate Fisher, Assistant Principal, at Nate.Fisher@cobbk12.org