Absences & Tardies - Policy, Note Deadlines and Reasons



The goals of the start on time policy are 1) to maintain an orderly learning environment 2) to allow the classroom teachers the maximum possible instructional time and 3) to help students develop the valuable lifelong habit of promptness and responsibility. 

Students are to be in 1st period at 8:20.

All students who are tardy as of 8:20 must sign in at PPO. 

The 7th unexcused tardy will result in an X-Block (Wednesday afternoon) detention and loss of parking on campus for those with parking privileges. The 10th unexcused tardy will result in one day of ISS. The 13th unexcused tardy will result in two days of ISS. 


You have 1 day to send in a note to change an unexcused tardy to excused.

You have 3 days upon returning to school to submit a note to PPO to excuse an absence. 

Any notes received after these deadlines will be filed in the student's file but not entered in Synergy.

Please send notes even if the reason is unexcused.  No note makes it look like the student was truant. An "unexcused with a note" means that the parent knew where the student was but it's not a Cobb County authorized reason. 


Cobb County has specific reasons for why a tardy can be excused - the same is true for absences.  Those reasons are: 

  • Illness
  • Doctor Visit*
  • College Visit*
  • Court*
  • Death/Hospitalization in the Family. 

*For the doctor visit, college visit and court - documentation is needed to verify. 

All other reasons on notes will be considered "unexcused with a note" which means the parent is aware but it doesn't fall under a Cobb County reason.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Out of Town
  • Family Emergency
  • Car Trouble
  • Non-medical Appointment (drivers license, passport, etc.)
  • Power Outage. 

Anything marked "unexcused" or "unexcused with a note" will count toward detention (see policy above).

NOTE:  If there is Hazardous Weather the school will make an announcement to teachers to please hold off on marking students tardy for a specified amount of time. 

Download POPE Student Absence and Tardy form

If you have any questions, please contact cheryl.keeline@cobbk12.org