International Skills Diploma Seal


What is the ISDS?

The International Skills Diploma Seal is a large, gold seal that is placed on your diploma to show you’ve gone above and beyond as a student interested in other cultures around the world. It shows that you’ve taken more classes, helping others through community service, and participated in activities that have a global and cross cultural focus.

Who can earn the Seal?

Any student who completes the requirements can earn the ISDS. Most students are seniors when they finish the requirements, but it is very possible to finish them when you’re a junior.

Who do I earn the Seal?

Requirement 1: Take 4 courses with a global focus or perspective. Examples: world history, human geography, macro economics, environmental science, AP foreign language, world literature, British literature, CTAE courses, etc.

Requirement 2: Complete 20 hours of community service with a cross cultural or international focus. For example, help organize a supply drive to send to hurricane victims in Haiti, tutor ESL students, tutor foreign language students in lower levels (you cannot be paid for the tutoring), provide translation services, etc. All hours will be verified by the coordinator.

Requirement 3: Participate in 4 extracurricular activities with a cross cultural or international focus. For example, FLOP, attendance at the Day of the Dead celebration at the Atlanta History Center, overseas travel (with prior agreement from coordinator; there are forms to fill out), etc. All activities will be verified by the coordinator.

Requirement 4: Capstone.

Part 1: Essay: Write an essay (guidelines are provided) about your experience as a candidate for the ISDS. What did you learn? How will you take the learning into your future? How did this cross cultural focus change you as a person?

Part 2: Poster presentation: Using a trifold poster board, present your ISDS experience to a review committee consisting of teachers, administrators, and community members. Use pictures, realia, etc.

What’s a general timeline for earning the Seal?

  • Start coursework as a freshman and continue to senior year.
  • Start community service as a freshman and continue to senior year.
  • Start participation in extracurricular activities as a freshman and continue to senior year.

Senior year:

    Late February: All requirements should be fulfilled (enrollment in a course is sufficient)

    Late February: Coordinator verifies participation in community service and extracurricular activities.

    Mid March: Essay is due

    Late March: Poster presentation

    Early April: Coordinator submits names of ISDS candidates to the Georgia Department of Education

    Graduation: ISDS recipients receive Seal on their diploma

When do I get the Seal?

On your diploma, at graduation.  When you fill out college applications, you can state that you are a candidate for the ISDS, however you cannot state that you have earned it (unless you finished all requirements during junior year).

What will the Seal do for me?

The ISDS is a federal initiative and is recognized by colleges, universities and businesses all over the country. It shows them that you have a global focus, that you have an interest in the world at large, that your viewpoint is wider than just your home area.

Who’s in charge if I have questions or need help?

Crystal.Hayes@cobbk12.org 9th-11th grade

Maria.Benedetto@cobbk12.org 12th grade- Senior Capstone