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Pope Clubs, Organizations, & Community-Based Groups

Pope Clubs, Organizations, & Community-Based Groups

If you are interested in starting a new club, please use this form.  Contact Mr. Fisher with any questions. 


DescriptionPrimary Sponsor
Academies Mentorship Program "AMP Club"To provide an avenue for experienced 11th grade Culinary, Globalization, and S.T.E.M. Academy students to mentor 9th grade students who are in these academies. Kokan, Dr. Julie
AmbassadorsFreshman Orientation & MentorshipHebert, Chloe and Sims, Katherine
Baseball Data and AnalyticsTo use modern analytics to improve team performance and allow students to apply math and computer science concepts.Turco, Chris
Bio Club
To recruit, support, nurture, and promote students with an interest in biological sciencesBriana Ransom
BOND (Being Optimistic Navigating Diabetes)To build a successful future for teens with diabetesJankowski, Jeannie
Books and BrunchTo create a community that encourages readingSchneider, Holly
Bougie Blazer ClubPromote a positive personal image while encouraging a welcoming school environment and developing school spiritBeckerman, Kate
Breakfast ClubProvide a fun, stress free environment with food to help get students started off to a good day
Young, Jenny
C3To create an environment that allows students to publish content that they are passionate about through a variety of media platforms filtered for appropriate content Trentacoste, Peter
Chess/Board GamesTo build connections and bonds, to allow students to have a mental break from school and more importantly from their screens. To build good sportsmanship and healthy competitive spirit.Cason, Erica
Communication ClubTo help students around Pope have better relationships with their parents, friends and teachers through learned communication techniquesBowen, Krista
Computing ClubComputing Club seeks to spread and facilitate a love of computer science and public service among students of Pope High School.Groeneveld, Richard
Creative Crafters
To immerse/teach students in an unpressured art environment in which creativity is valued and supported through different mediums.Hebert, Chloe
Creative WritingStudents practice writing in different genres and giving/receiving constructive feedback.Greene, Nena
Crochet and Knitting ClubCreating a community for people who enjoy yarn artsRegister, Sara
Debate ClubTo support and inspire a diverse community of students who are committed to empowering others through speech and debate.Trentacoste, Peter
Design ClubTo learn about and experiment with marketing techniques that 21st century businesses use every dayFaglier, Kailei
Drama ClubDrama Club is a social club that provides opportunities to explore their interest in theatrical arts.  The meetings will include theater games and activities, guest speakers, and special workshops.Jones, Rachel
Drone ClubOffers a platform for students to discover the world of drones and spark interest in engineering and other STEM related subjects. Students will have opportunity to compete in engineering competition and drone racing.Williams, Steve
Environmental ClubBrings awareness to environmental issues through community service projects such as stream cleanups, storm drain marking, recycling and educationBlythe, William
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)To present to coaches, athletes and students, as well as all whom they influence, the adventure of serving Jesus Christ in the school, church and communityBailey, Drew
Film Appreciation ClubTo discuss and analyze a variety of films from different times and cultures.Kulik, Stephen
Fencing TeamTo build a community of fencers, foster teamwork, good sportsmanship, and to learn to deal with pressure that comes from individual competition.  Fencers compete in up to nine tournaments throughout the season.Eichler, Dave
FLOP ClubPromote acceptance and appreciation of world languages and culturesAll World Language Teachers
French Honor SocietyNational Honor Society for French studentsWojtczak, Jennifer
Friendship ClubBuilding friendships between students with and without disabilities.  We celebrate everyone's differences and focus on how we are all alike!Hill, Lindsay
Gaming ClubTo provide a welcoming space in which students can share their interest in a variety of gaming venues.Pierce, Ann
Gay Straight AllianceForum to bring different cultures together and understand different sexual orientationsHolman, Nick
German Honor SocietyNational Honor Society for German studentsYoung, Jenny
Girls' Bible StudyTo encourage and inspire young women to go into the world as sisters in Christ's Holy Name.Schneider, Holly
Girls in STEMTo encourage and support girls of Pope who are interested in STEM careersKokan, Julie
Girls Who CodeEncouraging girls to expand their knowledge through technology and codingSelba, Molly
Governor's Honors Program (GHP)
Summer program sponsored by state legislature; application onlyDahlberg, Tiffany
Greyhounds Aiding Ladies Supplies (G.A.L.S.)GALS mission is to spread awareness of problems facing women in poverty and to collect and donate necessities. Lindgren, Stephanie
Guitar ClubTo provide a place for guitar lovers  to come together to play guitar and perform
Hayes, Crystal
Habitat for HumanityNonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. We believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communitiesCassanova, Cynthia
Helping HoundsHelping animals in local shelters by raising funds, collecting needed items, and volunteering time at shelters.Sims, Katherine and Cole, Joanne
HOSA: Future Healthcare ProfessionalsTo develop leadership, service, and passion as a future healthcare professionalSelba, Molly
Humanitarian ClubProvides Pope students an opportunity to create opportunities to positively impact and connect with our community through selfless acts and the promotion of human welfareStrydom, Debra
Improv ClubImprov Club meets weekly so members can practice their improvisational theater skills through fun, interactive games.  In the spring, Improv Club holds auditions for members to participate in the Variety Show and the Improv Showcase.Rachel Jones
Interact ClubTo spread the ideals of Rotary and serve in our communityWilliams, Allyson
Interfaith ClubTo promote religious acceptance by increasing our knowledge of others' religions and learning about their beliefs, life events, and celebrations and seeing each other's similarities, as well as gaining new friends.Cason, Erica
Jewish Club (Jew Crew)To bring Jewish and non-Jewish students together to celebrate the traditions of Judaism. We will also educate each other on Jewish history.Cason, Erica
Just DanceTo build connections between students with or without disabilities through dance.Bowen, Mary
Key ClubAn international, student-led organization that provides service opportunities. Key Club values leadership skills, inclusiveness, and promotes character development.Trentacoste, Peter
Knittin' for KittensTo make mats that animal shelters can use to give to their adopted catsWallace, Ashley
Lacrosse ClubTo teach and coach lacrosse primarily to the younger players in the communityPfaff, Carl
Literary MagazineTo give students/faculty a space to publish their writing and arts such as photography and illustrations and celebrate the creative endeavors of Pope High School
Register, Sara
Magic: The GatheringTo provide a space where students can play this popular card game 
Trentacoste, Peter
Math ClubA weekly get together for students who enjoy mathematical problem solving and exploring interesting questions outside of the math curriculum. We also participate in county math competitions along with other schools in Cobb. LaFleur, Colton
Men's Bible StudyTo help and inform boys in navigating high school in a positive way
Bailey, Drew
Miracle ClubTo Increase funds and awareness for our local children's hospital and other Children's Miracle network hospitalsHolman, Nick
Mountain Bike ClubTo promote and discuss mountain bikingBlythe, William
Mock TrialTo help students acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, and gain an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities as participating members of our societyPatterson, David
Model UNAn authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral body, which introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making. At Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of countries that are members of the UN.Strydom, Debra
Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)To create an interest in math and represent our school and community as members. To participate in school improvement as well as community improvement projects.Sever, Eric
Muslim Student AssociationRaise awareness about Muslims in our local area and connect with countries across the world, to promote community service and cultural awareness for Muslim issues in our country.Trentacoste, Peter
National English Honor SocietyNational Honor Society for English students. To promote excellence in English and enthusiasm for literature.Bowen, Krista
National Honor SocietyServes to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.Malafronte, Claudia
Octagon ClubDevelop as individuals while being involved in community service projectsDahlberg, Tiffany
OrchestraTo enrich the musical culture of Pope students and communityBenton, Corie
Organization of Students for InnovationsAn inventor's club with the vision to brainstorm ideas and then develop them into realityWilliams, Stephen
People of Color Student AllianceFocuses on celebrating, preserving, and educating students on the cultures of the minority population in America, and together the club serves as a large unifying faction for the Pope student body.Faglier, Kailei
Pope Library AmbassadorsTo support the Pope Library Learning Commons and help create activities and programming for students.Sharrow, Susan
RecyclingTo help clean up the Pope campus and community as well as spread awareness of the dangers of pollution.Trentacoste, Peter
Red CrossSupport local Red Cross eventsGiardina, Rhonda
RoboticsEngineering and building of robots for competition. Aligns with the STEM initiatives.Williams, Stephen
Science National Honor SocietyHonor high science performanceSmith, Chris
Science OlympiadNational non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science educationRansom, Briana
She's the FirstService club with a mission to help girls attend school in countries where they are oppressedStrydom, Debra
Social Studies National Honor Society (Rho Kappa)To promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies in secondary school environments and the communityTrentacoste, Peter
Spanish Honor SocietyPolicies of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and PortugueseOgnibene, Terri &  Munar, Luisa
Spikeball ClubRelieve stress and have fun playing this gameKulik, Stephen
STEM Study StudentsTo allow STEM students in the same classes to study for upcoming assessments together
Vera-Tancredi, Toni
Stock Market ClubTo help educate and learn more about finance, the economy, and the stock market.Green, Heath
Student Government Association (SGA)
Pope student school leadershipKelly, Jessica
Technology Student AssociationTo enhance personal development, leadership and career opportunities in STEMWilliams, Stephen
The Ocean Awareness Club (OA)The purpose of this club is to raise awareness for endangered ocean animal species and their environment in an effort to work towards safer, cleaner oceans.Giardina, Rhonda
Tutoring ClubDesigned for students to help other students struggling in classes. Students work one-on-one or in small groups with designated peers at the time and place (on campus) of their choosing.Benton, Corie & Goel, Poonam
Ultimate FrisbeeUnite students with a fun and easy to learn gameTrentacoste, Peter
Young DemocratsTo provide students with a safe space to share their political ideasBeckerman, Kate