Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedules

Spring 2022 Final Exam Schedule

9th - 11th Exam Schedule

Friday, May 20Monday, May 23 Tuesday, May 24 Wednesday, May 25 
1st Exam 8:20-9:554th Exam 8:20-9:503rd Exam 8:20-9:502nd Exam 8:20-9:50
No AO6th Exam 9:55-11:305th Exam 9:55-11:307th Exam 9:55-11:30
2nd 10:00-10:50* Buses will run at 11:30* Buses will run at 11:30* Buses will run at 11:30
3rd 10:55-11:45

4th 11:50-12:40

5th 12:45-1:35

6th 1:40-2:30

7th 2:35-3:30

Buses will run at regular time (3:30) on Friday, May 20. 

Buses will run at 11:30 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Students will not be permitted to check out of school during an exam period.

Friday, May 20th 

Regular school day with 1st period extended for the exam.

Monday, May 23rd, Tuesday, May 24th, and Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

  • Students will be dismissed at 11:30 am after the last period exam.
  • All students must be out of the building at 11:30 am.
  • If students have a lunch period as the first exam, they may come in late to start the next exam.
  • If students have a lunch period as the second exam, they may leave at 9:50 am. 


Spring 2022 Final Exam Schedule

Seniors will take their exams during the regular class period. Once they have taken their exam, they are finished with that class for the semester.

Tuesday, May 17Wednesday, May 18Thursday, May 19Friday, May 20
1st 8:20-9:151st 8:20-9:151st 8:20-9:151st Exam 8:20-9:55
2nd 9:20-10:102nd 9:20-10:102nd Sr. Exam 9:20-10:30
3rd 10:15-11:053rd 10:15-11:053rd Sr. Exam 10:35-11:45
4th 11:10-12:004th Sr. Exam 11:10-12:204th 11:50-12:40
5th 12:05-12:555th Sr. Exam 12:25-1:355th 12:45-1:35
6th Sr. Exam 1:00-2:106th 1:40-2:306th 1:40-2:30
7th Sr. Exam 2:15-3:307th 2:35-3:307th 2:35-3:30

 **Mandatory Graduation Practices**

Wednesday, May 25 at 1:30 pm in the Pope Gym

Thursday, May 26 at 9:00 am in the Pope Gym