Cobb Schools Launches ALL IN Campaign to Help Students

Cobb Schools Foundation ALL IN Campaign

The Cobb Schools Foundation launched a campaign this week to encourage the community to go ALL IN and provide financial support to help reduce barriers that some students face, reward student success, and support teachers and their future growth. Thanks to community support, the Foundation provides additional resources for students throughout the Cobb County School District.

“Over the past few years, our goal has been to build programs that directly impact our students and those around them. Our mission is: Taking Student Success to New Heights. Going ALL IN means that together, we focus on three high-impact areas that every school has in common, although the need may differ from school to school,” explained Felicia Wagner, Cobb Schools Foundation Executive Director.

The ALL IN Campaign will support the following areas:

Family Stabilization: This program gives Cobb Schools social workers another tool in assisting those on the verge of homelessness, those experiencing homelessness, or those in a major situation that may affect a student’s living situation. Last year, more than 600 students were provided afterschool scholarships, devices, hotspots, utility support, or housing assistance.

Learning Interventions: This program supports Cobb Schools special learners by providing equipment, technology, or classroom resources that extend their ability to communicate, experience safe movement, or have access to a calming area for a needed in-school retreat.

Scholarships: Support varies per scholarship, but these are offered to Cobb Schools teachers and students to continue their desire to learn, grow, and serve.

Over the next several days, we will send out opportunities that will allow your donations to be matched by businesses in our community.  By giving on a Match Day, you can extend your personal gift.

To learn how you can go ALL IN donate to the Cobb Schools Foundation, go here.  

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