What you Need to Know in Five Minutes or Less from the Board Chair

Just the Facts 2

As the Cobb County School Board Chair this year, it is an honor to support you and your family. As I listen to families all over Cobb, I have spoken to hundreds of moms, dads, and grandparents about their children. Whether at the grocery store, ball field, or somewhere in between, I hear the same deep concern and tone: the world feels crazy these days, please protect our children, keep our schools world-class, and keep them focused on academics.

Despite distractions from some folks who are trying to make your child’s school into a social playground, I will not accept it on my watch. In partnership with our Superintendent and staff, I want you to know we hear you, we are, and we will protect your child, their school, and an uncompromising focus on academics.

During my last term as Chair, and to communicate directly to you regularly, I developed a monthly video message called “The Chairman’s Brief.”

This year, you will hear from your Board in writing twice a month through “Just the Facts.” I know many of you are like me, with many texts and emails already trying to sell the “latest and greatest.” This editorial-style conversation between you and me can be read in 5 minutes or less (I promise) and will tell you about the most important issues impacting your child, their school, and our county. 

Through conversations with so many of you over many years, I have heard many myths, urban legends, and downright lies about our schools. I’m not sure it’s much different today than when we were telling stories to our friends in school; we just all have a bigger microphone. Often, honest questions and feedback come from people who sincerely want to help or know what is going on with their children. Unfortunately, all too often these days, much of it comes from adults who have clearly stated their intention to “turn over the Board” and “fire the Superintendent,” all in an attempt to change your child’s school. Like so many public schools around the country, Cobb is under attack by those who are trying to change what your child learns and make decisions for your child, which we believe are best made by parents. Just-the-Facts-Scamihorn-Quote-2.jpg

Simply, my hope is to work together and clear up the confusion that some might sincerely have, and to directly confront the lies that some folks intentionally tell. I will directly address decisions such as keeping schools open during COVID-19, keeping sexually explicit material out of your child’s school, not removing police from your child’s school, and other similar topics that you might hear or read about. 

We have the best staff and teachers in public education, and while they know what your child needs academically, you know what is best for your child. As long as our schools remain stable, we will continue to protect and offer the world-class educational options you and your family enjoy. We hear you, are privileged to serve you, and hope you enjoy learning more about how we keep some of the best schools in the country, exactly that. 

Keep an eye on your inbox again in a couple of weeks! 

Board Chair Randy Scamihorn 

P.S. Please stop me anywhere you see me in the community and tell me about your children, their favorite teachers, or your individual concerns. I love when you do, and I am here to serve you!