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What you need to know when applying for classified positions in Cobb

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I lost my user ID and password, how do I get it back?

What is the application/employment process?

  1. Apply Online
  2. All applications are reviewed to determine if the applicants meet the minimum requirements for the position(s) applied for.
  3. References are completed electronically with supervisors supplied by the applicant.
  4. Applicants are first reviewed based on their qualifications. If the applicant meets all qualifications, they are then referred to the principal or hiring manager.
  5. The principal or hiring manager then reviews the list of candidates and chooses the candidates who are the most qualified to interview. After the interviews, the administrator makes an employment recommendation to Human Resources. Due to the high volume of qualified applicants, not everyone will be granted an interview.
  6. If selected, you will be contacted by a HR Supervisor/Manager.

What is the status of my application?

To check the status of your application, log in to your account then go to the "Application Status" tab in Applicant Tracking Enterprise. Also, when the status of your application changes, you will be notified via email.

I applied for a job and haven't heard anything. Who should I contact?

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond personally to all applicants. Should your qualification match our staffing needs, we will contact you directly.

How can I confirm my current supervisor has completed and returned the electronic reference form?

  • Login to your applicant account.
  • Click the "References" tab.
  • If there is a "Yes" in the "Returned" column, the reference has been completed. If there is no "Yes," the reference has not been completed.