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Karie Daniel
Special Education Parent Mentor
P: 770-529-0046


Karie Daniel is a proud parent of a fifth grade daughter with Down Syndrome. Their special education journey started in 2014 with the Special Needs Preschool Program, and they are looking forward to the next chapter with middle school on the horizon for fall 2023! Karie began serving as a Special Education Parent Mentor in January 2023 and appreciates the complexity of navigating the world with a child with special needs. She looks forward to connecting with other families of students with disabilities and encouraging them on their unique path!  Reach out to her with questions regarding resource needs or for an understanding ear. 

Stacy Greene
Special Education Parent Mentor
P: 770-529-0046


Stacy Greene is the parent of an ASD young adult who began his education in Cobb’s Special Needs Preschool Program, made several transitions through Cobb schools, and graduated in 2017. Her son has earned several college credits and participated in Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation programs; he is currently employed full-time. Stacy began serving as Special Education Parent Mentor in February 2016 and is excited to serve as a resource for families of children with special needs on their journey through Special Education.

Cobb’s Special Education Parent Mentors enhance communication between parents and educators, ultimately leading to greater success for students with disabilities.  The goal of the Parent Mentors is to help parents understand their role in their children’s education and to provide guidance and resources to help them navigate the Special Education process.

As parents of students with disabilities, Cobb’s Special Education Parent Mentors provide resources to families of children with special needs while helping them navigate Special Education.  As mentors, they are part of the broader Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership, whose mission is: “Building collaboration and communication between families and educators ultimately leads to greater success for children with disabilities.”

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