Summer Programs


2024 High School Summer Credit Recovery Program

The Summer Credit Recovery program is designed for the student that has previously taken a course and did not successfully receive course credit.

Summer Learning Quest- (PreK-5th)

The Cobb County School District is offering an accelerated learning experience during the summer to address unfinished learning. The purpose of this experience is to provide an intensive, targeted instructional experience to identified students during school breaks. SLQ will focus on ELA and Math standards while integrating Science and Social Studies content within district provided lessons. Each local school will be identifying students to invite to SLQ. Approximately 1,200 students in grades Pre-K through 5th grade will be invited to attend at no cost to families. 

  • Lunch and breakfast: Provided at no charge to families
  • Transportation: Provided from neighborhood pickup location to/from the SLQ site
  • After School Program: Provided at no charge to SLQ families 


Summer Enrichment Academy

Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA) is designed for high achieving elementary-aged students during the month of June. Approximately 2,000 high performing third-fifth grade students received an invitation to apply to attend SEA each year. Through a lottery process, approximately 575 of the applicants will have an opportunity to attend this optional summer learning experience.

  • Lunch and breakfast: Provided at no charge to families


Middle School Summer School

This year CCSD will offer a Middle School (MS) Summer School experience for current 6th – 8th grade students. MS Summer School is designed to provide students with additional instruction and practice on their current grade level priority standards in ELA and/or Math. There will be 2 sessions for MS Summer School. Students can complete 1 content area per session. For students who are recommended to attend MS Summer School for both ELA and Math, they will attend Session 1 and Session 2. Each local middle school will be identifying students for MS Summer School. Approximately 600 students per session will be invited to attend to attend at no cost to families. 

  • Lunch and breakfast: Provided at no charge to families
  • Transportation: Provided from neighborhood pickup location to/from the MS Summer School site


HS Credit Recovery Summer School

To support the learning needs of students taking high school courses (at the middle school or high school level), the district will offer summer school at no charge to students needing to recover credits. Students may take up to 1 course credits during summer school at no cost to families.  

  • Lunch and breakfast: Provided at no charge to families
  • Transportation: Provided from their districted HS to/from the HS Summer School site


Summer Link

Summer Link consists of digital resources available on-demand for all CCSD students. These ELA and Math resources are available for Pre-K through HS students throughout the summer. 

For access to the Summer Link resources, please use the following access code: summer

Cobb Course Refresher

The Cobb Course Refresher gives high school students an opportunity to gain a greater comfort level with course content by reviewing digital lessons. Students who register for the Cobb Course Refresher may review content for courses taken during the 2023-2024 school year or preview courses they will take during the 2024-2025 school year.

Click here to register and for more information.