Back-to-Back National Champions for Heart Health


There are now two back-to-back national champions in the state of Georgia! Cobb Schools raised over $770,000 this school year towards the American Heart Association’s (AHA) life-saving mission. In addition, Cobb broke the record in the 44-year history of AHA fundraising campaigns with a single-year amount of $770,642.

“I am immensely proud of this. The University of Georgia isn’t the only one with two national championships,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale in his comments at the May Board meeting. “(AHA) is an easy group to get behind as heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States.”


Cobb’s total was more than a quarter-million dollars higher than the second-place District. Mountain View Elementary was the top-raising school in Cobb with $57,971, and King Springs Elementary was close behind with $57,210! 

Last year, the District raised $588,830 to become the number-one raising District. This year’s record leaves that amount far behind and sets a new goal for heart-healthy giving.

“Cobb County School District is once again the number one school district in the nation for dollars raised for the American Heart Association,” said AHA Development Director Mandy Couch. “These funds support the life-saving work of the American Heart Association’s scientific research and outreach programs, paving the way for improved health outcomes for healthier communities.”

In Cobb County and all of metro Atlanta, the AHA is specifically focused on addressing high blood pressure, CPR education, nutrition security, tobacco, and the youth vaping crisis.

The AHA’s Kids Heart Challenge promotes elementary students’ physical and emotional well-being and the importance of volunteerism. Students participate in jump rope, dance, and basketball activities to increase awareness about heart disease and stroke and raise money for the AHA’s life-saving research and programs.

Middle and high school students participate in similar activities in the American Heart Challenge.

So far this year, districts across the country have raised more than $58 million through the two programs.

Way to go, Cobb students and families! You are all heart champions, and we look forward to defending our national championship for a third year in 2023-24!