Brumby Elementary Teams up with RaceTrac, Freddie Falcon

Brumby Elementary

During the season of giving, Brumby Elementary School welcomed members of the community who wanted to give back. RaceTrac sent more than 20 volunteers to Brumby to help students and beautify the campus. 

RaceTrac and school staff designed the give-back day around problem-solving with Brumby students. The volunteers went into classrooms and played math games to help the students strengthen their math fact skills.

“We love the schools and working with the school children,” said Jeanine Jones, RaceTrac Communications manager.

Beyond helping bring in Freddie Falcon to visit with students, the RaceTrac team helped stock the school’s food pantry. Brumby has worked for the last two years to distribute food to families in need every Tuesday, and the partnership with RaceTrac helped keep the Brumby pantry filled. IMG_6021-1.jpeg

“They did a food donation drive for our food pantry. They also donated $5,000 for our school council to help with different projects around the school,” explained Sandra Lake, Brumby Instructional Technology coach. 

Brumby’s custodians provided input on how the team of volunteers could help around the school. 

“They told us that the biggest problem they have is manpower and the ability to be able to clean the walls and clean the baseboards. So, we partnered up with Racetrac and their volunteers and our student council to help solve those problems and build leadership and pride in our school,” Ms. Lake added.