Clay Harmony Leland Community Raises Awareness for Juvenile Diabetes

Clay Harmony Leland supports JDRF.

IMG_0555.jpgLast year, in third grade Mason was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). According to his mom, it’s been a challenging journey for him, but the support from staff and students at Clay Harmony Leland Elementary School has helped. She credits the Cobb students and Mason’s school nurse for helping the now fourth grader navigate the challenging diagnosis.

As one example, in recognition of National Diabetes Awareness Month, Clay Harmony Leland held a “fun” raiser to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and, ultimately, their classmate, Mason. Every paper blue shoe turned into the school’s nurse represented a donation to JDRF. Each gift was matched. This Paper sneaker fundraiser provided a way for students to help make a difference in the fight against T1D. With the help of his school nurse, Mason also helped educate his classmates about how he manages his type 1 diabetes, including his daily routine of checking his blood sugar.

To top off their JDRF fundraiser, Clay Harmony Leland School team members and School Board member Tre Hutchins presented the donation check for $2,700 to JDRF representatives following the One Walk Atlanta event that supports JDRF. 

“Mason is fortunate to receive such support in his school. Many young people like Mason do not share that same experience,” said JDRF representative Colleen O’Toole.