White Coats and Stethoscopes Presented to South Cobb Magnet Students


South Cobb's Academy of Research and Medical Sciences celebrated the Classes of 2024 and 2025 with its annual White Coat Ceremony. 27 juniors received their white lab coat, and 29 seniors received their stethoscopes. Both are easily recognized tools worn by medical professionals. 


"The White Coat ceremony is an amazing rite of passage for the juniors and seniors," said South Cobb Principal T.J. Perry. "It puts their dedication and hard work on display for the community. This experience makes me extremely proud to know our vision of 'empowering students for service and leadership in a global society' is continually being carried out by our staff and students."

Program Coordinator and Assistant Principal Angela Hurley welcomed the crowd of hundreds and started the evening as the students filed into the front rows of the Performing Arts Center. The Class of 2024 entered already wearing the white coats they received last year, while the juniors entered in anticipation of receiving theirs. 

Keynote speaker Dr. Timberly Butler encouraged and advised the students and the families in the audience. She discussed her own white coat ceremony 12 years ago and the immense pride and privilege it instilled in her. "The privilege of taking the Hippocratic oath, the privilege of being the first physician in my family, the privilege of taking care of people in their most vulnerable state, and the privilege of owing the federal government a couple hundred thousand dollars in student loans," she said to laughter.


Dr. Butler shared thoughts of her journey, which began in a small North Carolina town and led to a successful OB-GYN practice in Marietta. She spoke frankly of her struggles along the way, including standardized test anxiety and taking a non-traditional path to her MD program. 

"What I had viewed as a fall-back option had actually prepared me to excel once I got to medical school," she told the audience. "My hope is that you learn to be flexible and curious. If, at first, you don't succeed, just know that there is more than one way to achieve a goal."

"It is clear that our healthcare system is in need of young people with fresh ideas and solutions to the problems we face. This class of students before me is full of intelligent and brave future medical providers who are up for the challenge. I hope you feel the immense privilege of this moment," she concluded proudly.

With Dr. Butler's endorsement and advice still ringing in their ears, the Class of 2024 was called up one at a time to receive a new piece of medical equipment to adorn their already well-worn white coats. Mrs. Hurley gently wrapped the stethoscope around the neck of each senior and took a photo to capture the moment.


Next, the Class of 2025 approached one by one to receive their white coats. A senior presented the coat and helped each junior put it on for the first time to cheers and applause from the supportive crowd of parents, family, friends, and educators.


A reception followed the presentation, and phones were out everywhere to snap pictures of the future medical professionals wearing their new coats and stethoscopes. It was a celebratory close to the evening as students and families enjoyed this important milestone in their high school careers.