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Camp Directories

Atlanta Parent – Provides links to day camps and overnight camps for children with special needs.

Very Special Camps – Special needs directory of summer camps in Georgia.

Individual Organizations

Aerie Experiences – offers adventure-based, wilderness and therapeutic experiences (summer camp, social adventure groups, teen respite weekends, and family weekends) for those navigating Asperger’s, High Functioning Autism, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Neurobiological Disorders and other special needs.

BlazeSports – BlazeSports All-Star Summer Camp gives kids and teens with a physical disability, a chance to learn and participate in a variety of adaptive sports and recreational activities, while building leadership and self-advocacy skills, developing greater independence, and making lifelong friends.

Camp Dream – provides traditional summer camp experience for children and young adults with moderate to severe physical and developmental disabilities.

Camp Twin Lakes – provides year-round, fully-accessible camp programs around the state that teach campers to overcome obstacles while creating shared experiences with other children who face similar challenges; Camp-to-Go programs at children’s hospitals and other locations are also offered.

FOCUS – offers summer day and overnight camps as well as events for families with a child or children with special needs.

Hand, Hoof, and Heart – open to those with and without special needs to promote inclusivity. This camp features a one-on-one camper to counselor ratio. Campers get to enjoy horseback riding, arts and crafts, music, water activities, talent show and so much more.

House of Artists Foundation – merges autistic artists with the entertainment industry, Camp Artism is an annual, hands-on TV and film training and experience summer camp.  Autism’s Got Talent is a talent is a talent show for artists with special needs whose creative ability goes beyond the spectrum.

Inneractions Therapy Services – offers summer camp is designed to help kids, adolescents, and young adults build their social skills and strengthen their confidence while connecting with their peers.  They incorporate art, games, activities, teamwork challenges, and discussions to develop skills and create positive connections with others in a fun and active environment.

Lekotek – provides a unique summer experience for children with disabilities, their siblings and/or friends. Using diverse software and input devices, children benefit from independent and group participation.

Marcus JCCA – The Blonder Family Department for Special Needs creates a place for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to socialize, learn, grow, and deepen their connections to one another and the community; includes camps, theatre groups, sports and other activities.

McKenna Farms – offers summer day camps with activities including art, outdoor adventure on forest and sensory trails, group team-building games, and horse-related activities with therapy horses; there is also a special needs equestrian team and a Special Olympics team.

Therabeat – offering virtual and in-person camps that provide adaptive music lessons.


Acworth Horizon Sports League – provides children and young adults with developmental and physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in athletic events, develop lasting relationships among their peers, coaches and parents and demonstrate to them that they are an important part of their community by creating an environment of inclusion for both the participants and their families.  Summer activities include a kickball league.

Aerie Experiences – strives to be the leading provider of experiential, adventure-based, wilderness and therapeutic experiences for children, individuals and families facing challenges stemming from Neurobiological Disorders, Asperger’s, High-Functioning Autism, Learning Disabilities and other special needs.

Alternative Baseball -provides an authentic baseball experience for teens and adults (ages 15+) with autism and special needs for physical and social skills enrichment in life on and off the baseball diamond.

Beyond Limits Therapeutic Riding – offers competitive riding/Special Olympics Equestrian team and therapeutic riding to those with disabilities.

BlazeSports – provides a variety of sport and recreation programs for kids and teens with physical challenges. They provide athletes with training, support and the opportunity to increase independence and improve health.

BSD Tae Kwon Do (Special Warriors Tae Kwon Do) – is a great program for our young community with special needs.  The traditional skills of Taekwon-Do have been adapted to teach focus, balance, hand-eye coordination and effective self-defense skills to those with special concerns.

Frontier Baseball League – is a low stress, fun baseball program for kids with ADHD, ADD, Apraxia, Speech Delays, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder and other executive or sensory challenges.

Special Olympics – is an international sports program for Athletes, age 8 and up with developmental disabilities. Special Olympics is a year around program that offers 15 different sports opportunities that includes track and field, basketball, bowling, golf, swimming, tennis, volleyball, equestrian, table tennis, gymnastics, ice skating, roller skating, alpine skiing, bocce and power lifting.



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