How to Register for Online Learning in 2021-22

Registration for online learning

 Last week, Superintendent Ragsdale announced online learning choice for the 2021-2022 school year, and today at 5 PM, families will be able to start registering their middle school and high school students for the new Cobb Online Learning Academy. The current registration window only applies to the Cobb Online Learning Academy and middle or high school students interested in full-time online learning.

The current registration window does not include students interested in part-time online learning or elementary students interested in full-time online learning. Families with younger students will be able to register their elementary students for our elementary online learning option anytime between April 19-May 2. Middle and high school students interested in part-time online learning will be able to register through the Cobb Virtual Academy while high school students interested in alternative, full-time blended learning will be able to register through Cobb Horizon High School. 

The registration window for rising 6th-12th grade students will be open March 22-April 2

Only families who want to opt-in for online learning need to register. If families do not opt-in for online learning, students will be automatically enrolled in face-to-face learning for the new school year. 

To get started, families will log in to ParentVUE and look for the “Online Learning Opt-In” button located in the left column.

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To allow for appropriate staff scheduling and to keep students on track for the grade level, the District's expectation is that families who choose online learning will do so for the entire 2021-2022 school year. 

To learn more about the Cobb Virtual Academy and its online registration process, click here.

Please visit our digital home for all of online learning in Cobb County at www.cobblearningeverywhere.com where you will find additional details on each of the four online learning options being offered to you and your family.