Lost Mountain Middle School Celebrates 30 Years

LMMS 30 cover

On Monday evening (3/28/22), former teachers and administrators joined the current staff at Lost Mountain Middle School (LMMS) to celebrate the school’s 30th anniversary. It was a fun-filled night of reminiscing, meeting new friends, and enjoying a meal hosted by the PTSA.

In addition to many former staff members, including past principals, Post 7’s Brad Wheeler and Chief of Staff Dr. Kevin Daniel were also in attendance, representing the Board of Education and the Superintendent. 


After a welcome from current and first-year LMMS principal Dr. Ansley Daniel, a short speech was given by founding teacher Michelle Thrash recalling some of the memorable individuals and events in LMMS’s three-decade history. The school’s orchestra also performed selected pieces for the event, and the hallways were decorated with art created by the students with the anniversary in mind. 


Established in 1991, the school opened for classes on January 6, 1992, and has been going strong ever since. Words like “family,” “community,” and “team” were often used by those describing their time at LMMS. 

“It’s really cool to see a lot of people who were here with the original faculty,” said Ms. Thrash. “We all experienced something beautiful together, and these are people I will never forget.”

Many at the celebration were quick to point out the unique nature of middle school. Students enter as pre-teens and leave as they’re learning to drive. It is a formative time of their young life when long-term friendships are being made, and life habits are learned. LMMS has long recognized the importance of what they are doing and the young adults they are forming, which also helps to motivate and earn support from parents.

“I feel very lucky and blessed to be here,” said Principal Daniel with a smile. “Lost Mountain has a long tradition of kind parents who work with the staff to make this school the best it can be. Over the years, that tradition has only continued getting stronger every year.”


One of Dr. Daniel’s primary goals as principal is to keep that tradition going for another 30 years and beyond. “We have a lot of parental involvement, and they are generous with both their time and their money,” she continued. "The parents and the staff work very hard to make the environment here uplifting, friendly, fun, and peaceful."

In order to remind everyone of the long-term goal at LMMS, the school has even created a new Vision and Mission statement: 

At Lost Mountain, we take care of each other and our planet! We work together as a family to make our community a better place through kindness, compassion, intelligence, and creativity. We celebrate 30 years of academic excellence and building citizens of strong character to carry on the legacy of Lost Mountain to younger generations!"

It's a lofty goal and a great reminder that LMMS and all Cobb schools are in the business of preparing the next generation with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Congratulations to LMMS for 30 great years! We look forward to many, many more to come...