The Inside Scoop: What's the 'Special' in Special Ed?


Special Education is a critical and much-needed area of expertise at all levels of education. Learning difficulties can stem from many different causes, and no student has exactly the same needs. Knowing how best to apply a unique approach to ensure that every student and family have their learning needs met is the goal of Cobb's Special Ed Department.

On this week's episode of The Inside Scoop, David Owen interviews George Morgan and Jessica Coleman. George is the Director of the Special Ed Department, and Jessica is the Director of Special Ed Compliance. Both have distinct roles but work closely to keep Cobb's special education programs on the cutting edge of innovation and effectiveness.

Many parents are surprised to learn just how many programs and opportunities are offered by the Special Ed Department. Some learn too late how their child could have benefitted from individualized learning. Don't let this happen to you and your student. Click the link to learn more about Cobb's Special Education Department and its programs.

Click here to listen to this important discussion about Special Ed.