The Inside Scoop: Bringing Stability to Students' Lives


Students and families in Cobb face all sorts of financial needs for a variety of reasons, needs that others in the local community can help meet. The Cobb Schools Foundation Family Stabilization Fund exists for this very reason. It gives students and families the help they need to receive a top-notch education without worrying about additional barriers.

On today’s episode of The Inside Scoop, host David Owen discusses family stabilization with his guests Keylan Mitchell and Ana Murphy. Mr. Mitchell and his wife are owners of MOOYAH Burgers in Mableton, and Ms. Murphy is the Assistant Director of Student Support for Cobb School District. 

Ms. Murphy helps listeners understand how school social workers work to remove distractions in students’ lives that can affect their education. Family Stabilization comes alongside in support of Cobb’s social workers to relieve stress for the family, allowing students to focus on their education.

To help meet this goal, Mr. Mitchell discusses how his company, a beloved franchise in the Mableton area, is proud to announce a generous donation of nearly $10,000 to the Family Stabilization Fund. MOOYAH Burgers is a fast-casual burger concept based in Texas, and the Mitchells’ restaurant is the first and only one in Georgia. The Mitchells are committed to supporting their community, and he explains how his business is involved, including through a charitable fund and a fundraising program that benefits local schools.

“MOOYAH Mableton is excited to donate to Cobb Schools Foundation this year in partnership with the Keylan and Erika Mitchell Charitable Fund. We know that the funds will help families experiencing hardships and allow students to focus on academic achievement and staying in school,” Mr. Mitchell said.

Mr. Mitchell also shares his passion for education and emphasizes the alignment of the couple’s values to provide opportunities for student success. Having grown up in a family of educators, they know all too well the urgent and specific needs that families can face. Their donation will play a crucial role in providing essential support to vulnerable students, addressing after-school care, housing assistance, learning interventions, and much more.

MOOYAH also offers additional benefits, such as a discount for school personnel, that further reinforce their commitment to the community. Mr. Mitchell encourages other businesses to get involved and consider supporting the Cobb Schools Foundation.

“Philanthropists like Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, who really get the educational environment, are our biggest supporters,” said Cobb Schools Foundation Executive Director Felicia Wagner. “Life can sometimes make learning more challenging, but having financial support for families in crisis can make a huge difference in how that student perceives school, as well as attendance and self-esteem, which are two primary contributors to students falling behind.” 

“Funding like this is so incredibly special because it’s not easy for families to even admit there are opportunities to help them, so when we do find out, and we have funding to help, it’s a win for everyone,” Ms. Wagner said gratefully.

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