The Inside Scoop: Guarding Against Inside Dangers


Furthering the previous discussion about safety and security, this podcast moves the focus from external threats to internal challenges within schools. Lieutenant Mike Wilson from the Cobb Schools Police Department is the guest and discusses various issues, including behavioral problems, contraband, and weapons on school premises.

There are specific instances where law enforcement intervention is necessary, such as when students pose a danger to themselves or others or when criminal activity occurs on campus. Lieutenant Wilson emphasizes the importance of discretion in handling such situations and maintaining a good rapport with students and parents to address these issues effectively.

He also discusses the importance of reporting suspicious activities or threats and the role of school resource officers in promoting a safe environment. Overall, the goal of Cobb Schools' police team is to utilize strategies for encouraging students to make positive choices and seek help when needed.

Of course, parental involvement is critical, and parents should always monitor their children's behavior, including their online activities. Open communication between parents, school staff, and law enforcement ensures the safety and well-being of all students. 

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