South Cobb Hosts First Annual "Fun Day" for Community


South Cobb High School Principal Tommy Perry has wanted a spring event at his school for years. The school has been hosting its Holiday Family Feast in December for the last few years, and it made sense to him to have something similar in the Spring. This year, thanks to support and planning from staff and parents, the first annual South Cobb Community Fun Day became a reality.

With food trucks, vending booths, bounce houses, face-painting, band and cheer performances, fire trucks, and many other activities, the Fun Day was all that and more. Students, parents, school staff, and community members took advantage of the perfect weather and strolled around Clay Stadium to take it all in.


With well over 1000 attendees and more than 20 vendors ranging from student clubs and local businesses to community resources and organizations, it was clear that the South Cobb community supported Principal Perry's decision. Students participated in several capacities as vendors, volunteers, or performers. A half-dozen food trucks were on-site with various savory and sweet treats to satisfy everyone's taste buds. The school's Garden Club had a popular booth selling plants of all types that the students grew themselves.


"We had lots of families attend, and the community was grateful for a free event where they could allow their children to have fun and browse the vendors for themselves," said Sarah Klegin, a parent facilitator for the event.

"It was just perfect!" said Principal Perry with a smile. "We had great weather, people of all ages were having fun, and there were no issues at all. A parent in attendance told me, 'We've never had something like this around here,' and that comment was what did it for me."

Principal Perry said when he brought up a Spring community event to his Principal Advisory Council, they fully embraced the idea and ran with it. 

"I told them I wanted to do an event for the entire community with good food and good fun and let everyone know how amazing our community is. They made it all come to life, and I appreciate all their hard work in pulling it off flawlessly," he said. 


Principal Perry and Ms. Klegin thanked the Planning Committee for all their work and preparation. The members of the committee were Principal Perry, Assistant Principal Sean Strachan, Sarah Klegin, Pastor Reggie Fields, Jennifer Smith, Quintasha Swanson, Quiana Jackson, and Scott Rourke.

In fact, they're already thinking about next year's event and how to make it bigger and better. "We had more than 1100 attend with minimal promotion, so next year, we will definitely advertise more," Principal Perry said thoughtfully. "I would also love to have a radio station here doing a live remote broadcast."

Ms. Klegin agreed that more advertising would be a priority next year, as well as getting more groups involved. "We would love to include our feeder schools in a bigger capacity and have them perform," she said. "Also, including more outside organizations and local businesses with resources for our families and community would be excellent."

Mark your calendar now for next year's South Cobb Community Fun Day. You won't want to miss it!