Accessibility Tools


Microsoft 365 is accessible by design to help people and organizations be more productive and inclusive as they create, communicate, and collaborate from any device. Find out how Microsoft 365 helps make everyone more efficient and independent. Learning Tools are available in Word, Word Online, OneNote, OneNote Online, Teams, and Microsoft Edge.

Learning Tools

🌎 What are Learning Tools?

🌎 Explore Microsoft's Learning Tools

📃 Universally Designed Tools to Support Learning (En Español | Em Português)

🌎 Resources for Remote Learning

📃 Support Your Learner with Accessibility Tools

🎬 Tools to Support English Language Learners

🌎 Learning Tools in Word

🌎 Learning Tools in Word Online

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Learning Tools for Reading and Writing

🌎 Learning Tools to Improve Reading and Writing

🎬 Improve Reading with Learning Tools in Word

🌎 What is Immersive Reader?

🌎 Immersive Reader for OneNote

🌎 Dictate and Learning Tools for Writing

🌎 Learning Tools in Word

🌎 Learning Tools in Word Online

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Learning Tools for Math

🌎 Math Tools

🌎 Inclusive Math Interactive Training

🌎 Math Assistant in OneNote


Did you know that OneNote, Word, Teams, Flipgrid, Forms, and many other popular Microsoft apps have learning tools built in? You can also use them in the Edge Browser!

  • Read Aloud
  • Dictation
  • Word/Line Highlighting
  • Syllables & Parts of Speech
  • Line Focus
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Math Tools & more!
  • and More!!!