Personalized Learning - Targeted Support

Personalized Learning: Targeted Support - Analyze. Respond. Accelerate.

Dr. Cheryl Crooks
Supervisor, Personalized Learning-Targeted Support

Ellen Zarach
P: 770-426-3552
F: 770-594-8581

Targeted Support

The Cobb County School district offers targeted support from the Personalized Learning department with a goal to increase academic achievement and student engagement by providing training and support for principal and teacher leaders. A focus on best practices for effective instruction and the development of programs and initiatives at local schools is a priority to providing increased personalized learning opportunities for Cobb students.

Cobb High School Summer Credit Recovery Program

Summer High School Learning Quest Programs

Cobb High School Accredited Academies

A team of established high school academy coordinators and district leaders have collaboratively worked together the past two years to develop the criteria and steps for Cobb High School Accredited Academies.  The criteria are measured by “Four Essential Elements” that are universal to all types of academies: (STEM, STEAM, World Languages, Healthcare, Culinary, Computer Science, global Government, Entrepreneurship, CTAE, etc…).